“Do You Have The Courage To Get The Alligators Out Of Your Money Pond?”


Do you have the courage to get the alligators out of your money pond? Obviously I don’t mean literally. But what I do mean is this....

You have a service or product to sell and that’s your money coming in. That money goes in your “money pond”. From the pond you pay your bills and get the money you live on.

Now, having a gator in your pond means you’ve got more bills and things eating up your money then money coming in. Some people call this negative cash flow. That’s one type. There are other types as well.

For example, maybe your products used to sell well and now they’re not. That’s a problem. And it’s up to you to fix the problem. Maybe you lost a job. Or maybe you quit a job to start a business and now you’re struggling. Maybe the company you are working for is downsizing or you see layoffs coming in the future. Those are all what you’d call a “gator”. And it’s in your pond!

So now you need the courage to get that gator OUT of your money pond!

There are other types of gators as well that can create the urgency and need to make money now and get results now, versus later.

This is one of the reasons in Milcers that we’re rotating a weekly series of articles called “How to Go From Broke to Prosperity”.

Every week a new article in the series will automatically be served up for you and by cycling through these weekly, you’ll be able to make great progress in getting the gators out of your pond.

Ultimately there’s only one solution to getting the gators out of your pond.

It is this:

You’ve got to figure out how the gators got in your pond in the first place then get the courage to jump in there and get them OUT!

But first, ask yourself this...

Why did you get gators in your pond? I submit to you that the reason you have gators in your pond is because one of three things:

Reason 1: The first reason you’ve got gators in your pond is that you do not have the full knowledge, skills and expertise on how to identify demand and match up products with demand.

Every day we talk to people who stop by our live chat who have products but no demand for the product they’re selling. People think step number one is to find a product to sell then find the people to sell it to. Unfortunately that’s not step #1

Step #1 is to find “demand” then get the product. If you start with the product because someone gives you a great pitch about it or sings a great “siren song” or paints a pretty picture of it, more often than not it’s all an illusion and in the end you’re stuck with a product that has no demand. A product no one wants to buy from you.

The problem is, there isn’t any demand for the product you’re selling. So you can’t promote or market it to anyone. If you can’t promote or market your product then you’ll never be able to make any money. You won’t be able to grow or build your business.

The number one reason you’ve got gators in your pond, is that you haven’t armed yourself with the knowledge to identify demand, anytime you want, anyplace you want consistently, and accurately.

As a member of Milcers you are going to learn step by step how to identify demand with a certain level of skill and ability.

Reason 2: The second reason you may have gators in your pond is because you lack the skills and ability to promote your product or service.

You may have a product or service in demand or know how to get or find one, but you don’t really and truly know how to promote it. You know in theory, you know in generality, you may have read e-books about it but you don’t know from practical hands on experience or by getting results.

That’s the kind of knowledge you get from being in action, from doing. You may know the theory or be able to talk the talk. But we mean walk the walk. Doing.

That’s our second focus in Milcers, to give you the “know how” and information you need to do promotions, by giving you tools and systems you can use, not just to have the knowledge but getting you into action.

That’s one of the reason we’re going to start up our Milcers Grind Sessions and Grinder Groups. We’re not just thinking about it. We’re doing it!

If you had a product that was in demand and were promoting that product and were getting money for it, I don’t think you’d have gators in your pond. If you had a product and didn’t know how to promote the thing or it was something people didn’t want then you’d be surrounded with gators and you’d need help right NOW.

That’s cause #2 of alligators in your pond. And it’s solved by Milcers.

Reason #3: You may have alligators is you’ve been focusing on surviving instead of thriving and growing. See, when you have gators in your pond all you can think about is... how can I get this gator out of my pond – and NOW!

In other words, how can I make money now? What can I do know to get money in? You know the problem with that? The problem with that is, if your only aim is to get the gators out and survive, then you’ll always have gators.

If your only aim is to get the money to survive right now then paddle along EVEN KEEL and not grow, not expand and not build then there’s a problem because life doesn’t work like that.

The principle of life is that a tree grows or dies. Example: I have a tree in my yard. It’s bigger this year than last year. It was bigger last year than the year before. When it stops being bigger, it’s dying. It doesn’t just sit there. It grows or dies.

Now I have a serious question for you:

Do you want to grow or die?

If you want to hang out, go along and not really learn that much, not really do that much and keep on knowing what you’ve always known and be what you’ve always been then you’re on a path to destruction. It’s called D-E-A-D. And it’s specifically me that’s telling you that. It’s not my own opinion. I’m not the bearer of bad news.

Look at life and you’ll see, this message is all around you.

So the third reason you have gators is that you were complacent, you went along satisfied with how things were or are, you went along EVEN KEEL because things were going along okay. There weren’t any big problems, everything was okay. Yet now you’re stuck in the pond with gators and you’ve got to get out quick!

What happened was that life caught up with you. Things were alright then when you turned your head for a minute you had a gator in your pond. Now it’s making babies and you’ve got a whole team of gators in your pond!

You can say “Marlon I don’t want to grow, build, expand, improve or enhance. I just want the gator out of my pond.”

Well you can get help to get the gator out of the pond, but you know what? Pretty soon you’ll be right back to where you were because what caused the gators to be in your pond to begin with is still there.

See a lot of people don’t want to learn anything. They want to grow, they want a business in a box, figure it all out, create the box, give it to you and you go out and make money with it.

It’s an alluring song. It sounds good. It can make your mouth water. Some people can take it and do it. However, the problem is, if you want to survive and thrive, the law of life says you’ve got to grow. You’ve got to be more, learn more, do more and have more. That’s the way it works.

That’s why Milcers is here, to help you to survive, to help you throw some meat to the gator so he doesn’t eat you up. To help you get cash in to pay bills, get collectors off your back or whatever.

But that’s just the beginning. That’s just survival mode. The next step is learning to grow your business. That’s the real place of Milcers. How do you grow, build, expand, find demand for a product or service, how do you promote it then grow that business and take it to the next level. That right there, in a nutshell, is the only thing that means survival. Growth equals survival and a future.

If you don’t grow you’ll be back with alligators in your pond.

Growth equals survival and a future. If you don’t grow you’ll be back with alligators in your pond. If you don’t want to learn to run a business, if you don’t want to learn how to find demand, if you don’t want to learn how to do promotions, if you don’t want to learn how to grow a business and expect someone to be your Easter Bunny, Santa Claus and Fairy Godmother then guess what? You bought into a fantasy that’s going to leave you holding the short end of the stick, treading water, with gators in your pond.

The law of life says grow. The trees and grass says you’ve got to grow. If you’re a member of an Organization then you’ve got to grow or it’s going to die.

We are here for people that get it. Milcers is here, it’s growing and it’s made up of people that don’t just want to get rid of the gator and get out of the pond, but to become pond builders. Pond builders are people that build, grow, expand and contribute. That right there is where we are headed and you can be part of it. You can be part of it by helping us expand it.

When we launch Grinders groups you can go out and start a group and spread the word on what we’re growing here and make people aware of the help available to those that want to grow and expand their businesses.

To wrap this up, we are going to help you get alligators out of your pond or at least appease them, throw some food to them.

In order to do that we are rotating the “Broke to Prosperity” articles but in addition to that you get templates, videos, special reports, articles, software programs, tools and other things you can use. We are going to provide a way you can make cash, possibly great cash promoting Milcers.

We are putting these systems together as quickly as we can. That provides you a way to feed your alligators. But beyond that, we want you to have your own business, your own systems, functioning, thriving, making cash and building you the future that you want. It’s about income, but it’s also about the lifestyle. And the benefits of growing and expanding is that you know you’re doing something that contributes to the success of your business and you are playing a game called life that’s exciting, fun and energetic.

So welcome to the new Milcers Private Site. I hope it not only meets your expectations but exceeds them and helps you not only get the gators out, but helps you become a world class pond builder. That’s the new Milcers.

Get more information here: http://www.milcers.com/info.html

Best Wishes,
Marlon Sanders

CEO - Higher Response Marketing, Inc.

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