How To Turn Your Excitement Into Profits



Are you excited about the possibility of starting or growing your business online or offline?

If you are, congratulations! Welcome to the existing world of marketing on and off the internet.

A lot of people are really excited about what’s going on right now and it’s got to be one of the most exciting times for Internet Marketing!


Because right now there’s a LOT of new things happening...

For example, blogs and podcasting are super hot right now. Google’s coming out with their new video searching that’s gonna be HUGE!

There’s a lot of really exciting things happening in the world of Blogs alone and with more and more people using a high speed broadband Internet connection it’s getting better and better.

There are new Search Engine Optimization methods being created every day. There are new software programs and other exciting things that make everything faster, simpler and easier than ever before to create and distribute info-products on the Internet.

Another example is, right now PayPal has made it SO drop dead simple to accept credit card and electronic check payments that practically anyone can sell a product online and accept instant payments!

Here are just a few other things I really love about it:

You can come up with an idea for an info product then sit down, bang it out and be selling it within 3 or 4 days! I’ve literally created products in 2 days and had money coming in from sales of that product within a week.

What else is more exciting than being able to translate your ideas into electrons, neutrons and protons and get paid for them!

Another thing I just love about the Internet is being able to sit down, dream up some great promo idea, put it out to my list of customers, affiliates and prospects and see the traffic on my site go bonkers and the orders start piling in to paypal, all in the span of a couple hours or less!

It doesn’t matter who you are, where you are or what type of products you’re creating and selling. When you see that traffic on your website, when your sales start going bonkers, it’s a great feeling.

Another thing that’s really terrific about the Internet right now is how easy it is to hire people to help you with your business.

It’s so easy to go online and hire people around the world at whatever price you can afford to help with writing, designing, technical issues, admin management, every single facet of your business, including customer service.

Five years ago, who would have ever dreamed this would be a reality today!

If you need transcription done for audio or video, boom, you can get it done in 24 to 48 hours for a really good price. There’s hundreds if not thousands of graphic designers just waiting to work on your next project via the freelance project sites for a really good price.

There’s never been a better time to be in the Internet Marketing or Info Product business!

And with our new Milcers Private Membership Site, what a lot of people are excited about is how, at last, there’s a community that you can participate in where you can know what people really look like, where you can know something about them, where they live, where they like to travel, what their passions are and so forth.

Best of all, you can contribute and support each other in ways that never before existed in Internet Marketing!

One of the perks of being a Milcer member is that our members can help each other and assist each other and in doing so, you can actually earn rewards.

In other words you get points and earn cool stuff, just for helping out other people and getting help yourself. This is new in the internet marketing community and is exciting for everyone concerned.

But overall, I must say the single most exciting thing about Internet Marketing is being able to come with an idea, put that idea into reality and see it make money. There’s just nothing that compares to that excitement.

So if you’re new to Internet Marketing or a new Milcer member we’re glad you’re here. We’re glad you’re excited!

If you aren’t a Milcer member yet but want to be part of an exciting group of people who are jazzed and excited about marketing then go here for more information:

But be careful... it’s really exciting!

Get more information here:

Best Wishes,
Marlon Sanders

CEO - Higher Response Marketing, Inc.

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