An Exciting Way To Get More Traffic To Your Website, Increase Your Referrals, Grow Your Product, Info-Product or Service Business And Get Better Results!


A recent survey with our current and potential MILCERS members revealed that traffic is a hot button with you.

You want more traffic or people to your web site.

How do you get more traffic? That’s what this article is about. First, let’s examine some basics of the subject.

1) You may have unrealistic expectations about conversions.

Some people feel they should be able to get 5% to 10% of their web site visitors to buy. In general, this is an unrealistic expectation. Last I heard the Internet-wide average conversion was ½ of 1% or less.

If you’re converting 1% to 2%, that’s good. Of course, there are many factors here. What’s the price point of the product? Are visitors to your site coming for pay-per-clicks (PPC’s), referrals, endorsements, advertisements and so forth. Is this their first purchase? Whose the audience? What’s the target market? How much competition is there? How unique is the product or service?

Having said that, across the board on a $50 product, as a rough estimate, I think you’ll be doing good to convert 1% to 2% of your traffic. On a product above $100, you’re doing good at ½%.

Now, if you use what my good friend Jonathan Mizel coined a “name squeeze” page, and you send a sequence of emails to those opt-in names, you can convert more.

I cover this point because hands down the #1 issue I’ve seen about traffic is totally and completely unrealistic expectations about what you should be able to convert. People unfortunately buy into the claims and expectations set by those who pitch “blue sky” fantasies instead of reality.

If you’re going to learn online marketing, I recommend you do it from people who talk about objectives that are in the realm of what people on “this earth” accomplish.

As odd as it sounds, your first obstacle in getting traffic is expectations out of line with reality.

2) Fascination with gimmicks that sound simple, fast and easy

Who wouldn’t like to push a button and get rich?

We all would.

There are legitimate “push button” technologies such as that streamline a part of the marketing process.

What you need to understand, though, is that even these methods are aimed at those who have “alligators in their pond” and demand immediate results. For example, I’ve never said anywhere that you don’t need to study the nuances of crafting GREAT promotions, whether letters, ads, telemarketing scripts, billboards, signs, newsletters or however you promote your products and services.

What I have done is provide tools to make it faster, simpler and easier to help those who are fighting off the alligators.

Nowhere is this more relevant than when it comes to traffic. The “alligators-in-your-pond” crowd is a large one. Just as many or more people don’t have money than have money. So there is a big demand for things that provide instant results.

My friend Yanik Silver recognized this and played to it brilliantly with his instant lineof solutions.

My friend Stephen Pierce also developed a brilliant search engine solution with his famous “Smart Pages.”

But I think any developer who develops instant, fast or simple results tools will tell you that long term, you need to GET KNOWLEDGE and that is the only true long term solution.

In the short term, pushing a button can be useful if you have alligators in your pond. But the ONLY way you’re going to permanently get out of the freagin’ pond and stay out is if you make the transition from the alligator mentality to the pond builder mentality.

The day you decide to become a search engine master rather than a push button hack is the day you make the decision for GROWTH vs. just seeking fast, simple, easy solutions.

What I’m saying is that obstacle number two in getting traffic is seeking short-term solutions vs. focusing on growth and really learning what you’re doing.

Where I’m at now and where I’m going with my MILCERS is we’re focusing on growth. How do you become a pond builder instead of just beating off the alligators for awhile? That’s where the future is at.

In that context, we cover whizbangs and so forth. But if you’re trying to implement whizbangs to get traffic and you don’t have an affiliate program with a well-constructed arsenal of reseller tools and effective promotions, I would argue for covering the basics first.

I’m personally not interested in just getting you to the point that the alligators are out of your pond for the day. I’m interested in getting you out of the pond to the point where you’re a POND BUILDER on a large scale. THAT is exciting.

3) The ONE THING you can do today to start getting traffic

It’s a funny thing.

Having the KNOWLEDGE is what holds most people back. And yet, a lot of our members and customers feel OVERWHELMED, FRUSTRATED AND CONFUSED.

They have the knowledge but don’t know which method to use first. This method invalidates the other method. This marketing teacher invalidates the methods taught by another marketing teacher.

Where do you START? How do you GROW and BUILD?

So what’s the one thing you can do today to start getting traffic? The answer as odd as it seems is NOTHING new, although it’s likely new to you.

You pick a tested, proven method and you DO THE METHOD. You work it. You get really good at it. You systematize it. You find elancers or freelancers to help you with it after you get tired of it.

A friend of mine is doing this right now. He has ONE traffic method that really works. It’s proven to work. He now has FIVE people full time doing that one method. He doesn’t need ANOTHER method. Why?

Because he has one that works. You know the problem most people have with traffic?

  1. They do too little
  2. They do it too late
  3. They do it sporadically
  4. They don’t acquire the knowledge to do it with expertise
  5. They try something a little while and just when they’re getting their feet wet, they jump to something else
  6. They jump on every hot, new method instead of concentrating on the proven methods that are known to work
  7. They don’t do whatever it is in volume
  8. They do whatever it is but with low skill, quality and expertise

4) You gonna be an alligator wrestler or a pond builder?

You know you want to be a pond builder, not an alligator wrestler. But what steps do you take, where and how?

The thing is, money is simple.

You find demand, get a product that matches the demand, promote it, staff up and grow. That is the money process.

A lot of people can’t deal with parts of that process. They want someone else to find the demand for them. Or they take someone else’s word that a product is hot. They don’t want to deal with doing surveys and such.

They want fast, immediate results. You know, there’s alligators in the pond. Other people want to make money but don’t want to deal with products or services. “That’s such a hassle.” But if you’re getting money, then you ARE providing a product or service, even if that product is TRAFFIC, that is, eyeballs on a web site.

But people think there are shortcuts to success. They want to skip doing surveys, skip demand. Skip all the steps. They just want to jump to the part where you get MONEY! Hey, that’s a nice fantasy to have.

But everybody I know in business that makes money has a simple formula. Not a blue sky fantasy. The formula is you find demand, get a product or service, promote it, and grow.

THAT is what our MILCERS are about. Not chasing endless rainbows at the end of the blue sky. Hey, this is a world where people pay money for products and services. You wanna grow or get cash to feed your alligators?

Then find demand, get into production, promote and grow.

We need YOU in MILCERS. We are putting together a CRACK TEAM of people who are all pursuing this objective and are willing to share and help each other.

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Best Wishes,
Marlon Sanders

CEO - Higher Response Marketing, Inc.

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