Are You Tired Of The Online Hype?



Recently I asked several thousand people what their #1 dislike was on the Internet and next to "spam" (which rated highest), over 2000 of the survey takers told me the #1 thing they disliked the MOST was too much hype on the Internet!

It seems you can't check your email, browse a web page or do anything without seeing hyped up marketing messages.

So let me ask you this...

If so many people say their #1 dislike is "too much hype" then why are the majority of the online marketing messages we receive on a day to day basis comprised of so much hype?

Here are a couple examples of what I mean:


*** In this life of chances, this could be your chance of a !!LIFETIME!! to get rich quick!!***

A M A Z I N G ! Save 90% on Pharm! All FDA Approved!


Astounding Loans!! Hassle Free!! ****BAD CREDIT OK****

Make Millions This MONTH With This Amazing Email Software Program. No Experience Required!! LOW COST - BUY NOW

We all know hype is distasteful, yet so many people use it to try and sell their products to you.

So why is it that people use hype?

#1: Perhaps they are new to marketing online and don't realize people really don't like it.

When someone first comes online they're really excited, gung ho, energetic and assume everyone feels the same way. So they write in a tone that matches how they feel, not how YOU feel.

#2 They see other people use hype and assume it works.

Question: How do you get people to buy your product, service or info product OR promote yourself without hype?

Question: Have you noticed that the average television commercial or magazine advertisement contains less hype than what you see being used in online marketing?

If you compare the average television commercial or magazine ad which does contain less hype, you'll see how they pull it off. What they do on most TV commercials is use less hype and more of what?

The answer is: Beautiful people, Celebrities, Happy people, Glitzy graphics, and so forth.

But online that's not an option. People don't want to wait for your flash intro page to load. They don't want anything spinning, moving, flashing or anything like that on your web page. If you have photos on your web page, at least if you sell info products, they want to see YOUR photo. Any attempt to send graphics in an HTML email are being blocked, so you're stuck sending text only messages and it's easy to get carried away with the written word when that's all you've got. Especially if you don't have much experience.

So how do you get people to buy your stuff without hype?

Here are a few things to do:

#1 Study other marketers and see how they are getting people to buy from them.

#2 Pay attention to newsletters, articles, ads and sales letters that really communicate to you on a personal level. Then you use the same approach yourself to write and create your own promotions. (I'm not suggesting you copy anyone, of course. Just use the same approach and style of writing they did.)

If you not only want to learn how to write without hype but want to tap into other resources that'll help you with your marketing, where you can find out what other successful people are doing, how they're getting people to buy their products, services or info-products, and want a resource and source where the research has already been done for you, then consider the new Milcers Private Site. It's a "hype free" environment.

Get more information here:

Best Wishes,
Marlon Sanders

CEO - Higher Response Marketing, Inc.

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