Why Is It So Important To Create Income Streams And Why Do So Many People Rely On Only One Stream of Revenue?


What a lot of people don't realize is, in my Milcers Private Site, we've already covered at least 10 different types of income streams you can create. So coming up with different types of income streams, at least for me, isn't all that difficult.

Example Number One: You can have a secondary income stream just by making a small change to your order form.

Example Number Two: You can create a secondary income stream simply by recommending one key product to your existing customers. We have a $4000 a month income stream that's a software program that we didn't even create. All I do is tell people about it every now and then and it generates checks of $4000 or more every single month, like clockwork.

Example Number Three: You can have little services or upsells that feed into an income stream. Think about a sequence of emails that runs on total auto-pilot. All you have to do is write them one time and they work for you on an ongoing basis.

Here's an idea: Think about a web page that promotes 1 key product. I know someone who put up 1 web page with targeted links to one affiliate program in October 1998 and without even making a single change to that page, checks still come in every couple months for $100, $200, or more. Now that isn't the biggest example on earth but most people I've talked to aren't looking for the key to the kingdom. And I bet if that friend updated that web page some time soon, it may increase the amount of income being generated every month.)

I know someone else who created a website related to something they are passionate about and now they write a monthly newsletter, sent to several hundred people. But because the site is in a tight niche, it gets a lot of traffic from people also interested in the topic and this generates her about $300 to $500 a month from one stream and anywhere from $100 to $400 from another. And those are just two examples. She's got three of those sites online now.

Let me ask you this: Wouldn't it be exciting to have multiple payments coming in from different income streams you've created?

Wouldn't it be exciting to continue to get monthly checks 1, 2, or 7 years into the future, for something you did today?

So how can you get income steams of your own?

1) You need to be watching for every opportunity.

When you see something that interests you, ask yourself "how can I take this and turn it into a monthly income stream"?

2) Sit down and brainstorm some of the ideas you've identified or some of the possibilities you've come up with. Write down all the different types of income streams you know about. Then brainstorm with someone else to see if they can come up with something you missed.

3) Once you've created an income stream, sit down and put together a step by step plan or system you can follow to do it all over again and come up with stream #2, #3 and so on.

4) Promote your income stream at every opportunity. At least to start with. You can sit back and let it run on auto-pilot later on. But for now you need to nurture it.

Of course there's a lot of questions that come up before you get your first income stream set up, such as:

• What are the best ideas?
• Where do you get Income Streams?
• How do you know if one will be profitable?
• Who do you create them for?
• Can a service have an Income Stream?
• Can a physical product have an Income Stream?
• What about Income Streams in an info-product?
• How do you go about promoting an Income Stream?

If income streams are out there why don't more people have multiple streams of income?

These are the reasons more people don't have income streams:

#1) The hardest income stream to create is your first income stream. But once you get that working for you, it's easier to start identifying other possibilities and developing additional streams.

#2) If you don't even have one, how on earth will you ever be able to have two, three or more?

Creating an Income Stream is like doing anything the first time. Pretty soon it comes as second nature.

#3) Most people have a lack of ideas and understanding about the types and sources of income streams. They are out there and they do exist, but most people don't know where to find them.

If you've never done it before, creating Income Streams can actually be a big job and a require a lot of work and research. Once you've got your basic idea it can be really time consuming to work it out all out and get all the details together until you've got a solid stream working for you.

Some people I've talked to feel it's practically a full time job to get it done. Especially if you plan to document your systems and create an "income stream generating plan" to use in the future.

That's why, in the new Milcers Private site, I spend a lot of time talking about income streams and giving you different examples of Income Streams you can create.

And that's not all... In my Milcers Private site I give you actual PDF's, audios and videos that show you what an income stream looks like!

There are audio boosters that help keep you motivated and keep you focused on getting your first income stream created. There are resource lists for creating your own income streams and obviously there are step by step "how to's" on creating your own income streams.

In fact, one way to really picture what Milcers is all about is to think of it as the "Home Depot" for creating income streams. It's like a whole builiding full of income stream tools and resources, but instead of paying for each tool, each resource, every item in the store, you get access by paying a monthly fee.

For more information on getting access to my Milcers club just visit: http://www.milcers.com/info.html

Best Wishes,
Marlon Sanders

CEO - Higher Response Marketing, Inc.

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