Why Networking On The Internet Often Falls Flat And The Three Missing Elements To Making It Work For Your Business!



In the ideal world, networking on the net is a deeply rewarding experience. In reality, some people find that it isn’t as easy as you’d like or hope.

For one thing, the Net can be a big, lonely place due to its impersonal nature. You seldom know anything about the screen names such as Johnny223 or becky1958.

You don’t know his or her hobbies, tastes, likes, dislikes or anything else. In the real world, when you network you find out a great deal about the person. You share pictures of kids or family. You find out about your common interests or goals. You know what kind of car the person drives or the food they like.

In short, you have a picture of them as a person instead of a screen name or email address. What’s needed is a place, a friendly place, where you can hang out. And as much as possible duplicate many of the good elements of offline networking.

That way, you could hook up with others, share ideas, do joint ventures, team up to create products and so forth. Now and then it’s nice to just have someone to chat with that’s into the same things you are.

The challenge is, in the past people have tried to create networking places online with mixed success. And in some cases they have just fallen flat. For example, there is forum software that allows people to upload pictures or profiles. But more often than not, few of the participants actually do it.

Here’s what is needed...

1. You need to be able to see WHO you’re networking with:

It helps a lot if you can attach a name to a face. That way, you aren’t just talking to Johnny 223. You’re talking with a real person you can see.

2. You need to be able to know more than just what a person looks like. You need to be able to really have a feel for what the person is like. It should be no different from networking at a meeting where someone you’re talking to whips out their wallet and shows you pictures of their kids. That sort of thing.

3. There needs to be an INCENTIVE that gets people to participate instead of observe. Otherwise you’re back into a scenario where everyone watches waiting for someone else to participate or do something.

If you’d like to find out about a new concept, one that gives people an incentive to participate. One that does as much as possible to create community, a friendly place where people share and where you can interact with them as people and not a screen name, then check out the new MILCER’S private site.

Get more information here: http://www.milcers.com/info.html

Best Wishes,
Marlon Sanders

CEO - Higher Response Marketing, Inc.

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