How To Overcome The Confusion And Frustration of Promoting Yourself and Your Business On The Internet!



If you’re confused or frustrated about starting or building your business on or off the Internet, you aren’t alone.

There are many conflicting voices that invalidate each other. Which one do you believe? And when you’re frustrated or confused, it’s paralyzing. Which means you don’t take action because you don’t know which actions to take.

That means you never get demand identified, promotion done and growth achieved. The end result is you don’t live the lifestyle you want and dream of.

• Are you confused about what products or services to sell?

• Frustrated with the conflicting advice about marketing?

• Puzzled about which marketing model to follow?

• Frustrated because you have a product or service but people aren’t buying it?

• Disappointed with the traffic to your web site?

There IS a solution to frustration and confusion. And that answer is in going back to the basics of marketing and business. If you’re confused, there’s something you don’t understand. You may not be aware of it. But lack of understanding some BASIC is what’s holding you back.

Usually, it isn’t the sophisticated things that puts a person in confusion or frustration. It’s neglecting, bypassing or skipping over a basic on which more advanced processes are built upon.

But if you don’t have the basics in, you can’t build and grow.

• Are your emails formatted correctly?

• Do they have headlines that are based on what you KNOW your prospects want?

• Do you have a sequence of emails that communicate with your prospects and customers in such a way that they get responses?

• Are you putting out consistent promotions for your products and services – like clockwork? Or are you sporadic in what you do?

• Do you try one thing this week and something new next week or month? Never getting any of it to really work?

• Do you understand ALL the nuances and features of your autoresponder system? Or are there things you don’t understand about it?

• Are you entirely comfortable, confident and certain in writing promotions for your product or service? Or do you doubt what you’re doing?

How about your affiliate program? Do you have a systematic process for obtaining new affiliates? Is it working for you? Are you putting out regular, on target communications to your affiliates?

How about networking? Do you network and make contacts with others in your industry who have lists? Do you attend industry events, collect business cards, put them in your database and send out communications to them REGULARLY?

Do you have a database? Are you confident with how to use it? Or are you uncertain how to do certain things in it?

Do you have a mailing list of the physical addresses of your customers? Is it up to date? Do you send them regular direct mail that gets responded to? Is your mailing list updated as addresses change?

See, these are the basics of marketing, promotion and business. Until and unless you get THESE actions in, you don’t need to implement the higher level actions.

If you’re confused, if you’re frustrated, it’s because you’ve skipped over one or more of the basics. THAT is the real cause.

The solution is to get all the BASICS in.

If you want to work with a group of people committed to putting in the basics with 100% skill and effectiveness, here’s where you can go to find such a group:

Best Wishes,
Marlon Sanders

CEO - Higher Response Marketing, Inc.

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