Step by Step Tips For Starting Your
Info-Product Business from Scratch!

Are you ready to crank up your very own INFO PRODUCT business?

There are a lot of benefits from doing so:

  • You can start the business from home

That’s how I started my business. I’m still home-based even though I expect to have grown to the point in the next year where I acquire office space.

But starting out, the thing to do is keep your overhead LOW. You do that by starting at home.

  • Info products require no inventory to begin with

To start out, you can sell ebooks and digitally delivered info products. That way, you don’t have to fund inventory.

After you grow and have some cash flow, you can go to books, CD’s, manuals and so forth if you want to.

  • You can upgrade customers from low-cost ebooks to big ticket info products

You’ve probably heard of our Action Grid System. That’s where we teach the A to Z’s of producing the big ticket info products. Your customers who buy products under $100 are prime prospects for a more expensive course that goes into more depth on your topics.

  • There are thousands of topics available

There are thousands of potential info product topics. Every group of people with a passion, hobby or special interest is a potential target market for an info product of some sort.

Now, how do you get started in the info product business?

1) Have realistic expectations

There’s going to be a learning curve, possibly from 1 to 3 years. If you’re starting from scratch, you start small and build over time as you learn the basics of the business.

Don’t expect to sell a million dollars in a year or a day. Yeah, there are people who do those things. But they probably aren’t beginners. And if they are, they probably had prior experience operating some other type of business.

2) Do the basics first

Before you go for all the latest “gee whiz” stuff, get all the basics in place. Well-craft, on-target emails in your autoresponders. Surveys of your target markets so you know what they want. Products that are in demand. An affiliate program that operates smoothly. And so forth.

In MILCERS I cover the spectrum from the basics to more esoteric marketing strategies. But I focus on getting all your BASICS IN and done. Why? Because the problem most people have who are struggling is they skipped one or more of the basics.

For example, they send out emails that don’t wrap correctly when they hit people’s email boxes. Or they aren’t being delivered because ISP’s are screening them out, and they aren’t monitoring delivery rates, so they don’t know this is happening.

Some people have problems doing things like the numbers of the business in Excel, or hiring freelancers, or paying attention to details, or doing customer service efficiently and making customers happy.

There’s one part of the basics they want to AVOID and not deal with. And that one thing is what’s holding them back. It’s RUINING their business. But they keep avoiding or not dealing with it.

You’ve got to get the basics in and done. Then you’ve got to do it over and over.

3) Do repeat cycles

A number of years back I wrote an extremely popular ebook called The Amazing Formula That Sells Products Like Crazy. In that ebook I talked about a concept called BERC, which stands for Back End Repeat Cycles.

The concept of BERC is that you go through the formula once, you gain some experience and proficiency in it. Then you do it again and again. Each time you get more skill and do it better.

I’m not sure a lot of people grasped that concept. Each time you go through the formula, you learn something about it. You get better and better.

A lot of people do the formula one time, they have a little success. And they quit there because their first product or two weren’t huge hits.

It’s like muscle. You build it over time. Not in one month of intense effort at the gym. The Amazing Formula is the simplest marketing formula in the world. It’s a great formula. It’s a powerful formula. It works.

Some people think that because I wrote it 5 or 6 years ago that it’s somehow “out of date.” That’s ridiculous.

Which part is out of date? The part where you target the right audience? The part where you sell ‘em a product? Or the part where you do that over and over again?

Yes, technology changes. But a lot of people never UNDERSTOOD what the Amazing Formula was about. See, while I did talk about Internet marketing technology in it, it isn’t about technology.

It’s about the basics that will NEVER change. And these basics need to be cycled through again and again.

If you would like to associate with a group of people who have realistic expectations, who are committed to learning and doing the basics and then doing them over and over with ever-increasing degrees of skills, then check this out.

Get more information here:

Best Wishes,
Marlon Sanders

CEO - Higher Response Marketing, Inc.

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