An Exciting New Way To Get More Traffic To Your Web Site, Increase Your Referrals, Grow Your Business And Get Better Results -- Without Having To Work Harder Or Spend More Money On Advertising!


How viral marketing through brandable PDF files can help you grow your business and get the results you want from your affiliates so you can be more independant and spend your time doing the things you really want!

Problem: You've written a new article, report or free ebook for your affiliate team to promote as a lead in for your product but at last count you only had a handful of downloads by a few affiliates with little action and no sales.

You've tried increasing their commissions on the product. Still no change. You've tried re-writing the offer that gets them to download. That didn't work.

You're left wondering exactly what you're missing. You've seen other people start a "viral pass along" craze with their ebooks, reports and articles and you know viral marketing and word of mouth marketing is "hot" right now, so what exactly are you doing wrong?

The answer is:

If you want your affiliates to promote your special report, article or ebook then you've got to give them a PDF file that contains THEIR affiliate links to the product being advertised. Giving them a generic PDF with direct links to your website means they won't be getting paid for their sales, so it's no wonder they weren't doing anything with the file.

In order for the affiliate to feel comfortable promoting for you, they want to see exactly how their affiliate links work. And they want to SEE the links in the promo tools you've given them.

So how do you create a file with custom affiliate links so people have a reason to download it and pass it around to as many people as they can?

Solution #1: You can create personal PDF files for them, on request.

If you've only got a couple affiliates in your program who want to use the PDF file then this option might just work for you. Just take the existing PDF you have, open it in Adobe Acrobat and customize it with the affiliates link. Then save it and do this over and over for everyone who wants a copy.

But what if you've got 200, 500, 1000, 10,000 or more affiliates in your program? Surely there's an easier way to customize those files...

When your primary goal is to free up your time so you can spend it doing the things you like, creating PDF files one by one is not gonna cut it. Plus, anytime you manually customize files for affiliates you run the risk of sending the WRONG file to the wrong affiliate. And that's a risk you shouldn't want to take.

Solution #2: Turn your latest article, ebook or report into something your affiliates REALLY want, completely personalized with their name and reseller link -- on complete and total auto-pilot.

I've found that what works best is to set up your PDF file for "on demand" branding by your affiliates or customers to pass on to their prospects, subscribers and friends. To do this you need a special (inexpensive) software program and instructions on how to use it. Most of the programs I tried at first got me so frustrated trying to "set up the pdf file" that I nearly packed in but I finally found a good, solid, reliable program to use and plodded through the instructions.

Boy, I tell you, that day I really wished I had someone to just "show me" which program to get, how to set up the file and how to get the brander ready. I could have saved hours of frustration, never mind several hundred dollars on programs that didn't work! (I think it was the 3rd or 4th program I tried that finally worked for me so in addition to having someone show me what to do, I really could have used a good lead on which program to use!)

What would have been the most helpful to me that day is a step by step video that actually showed me what to do AND the URL of the program that does the job the best. And I know I'm not alone on that topic.

In a recent survey of my customers, when asked what marketing "tools" they want more of, 344 respondants told me they wanted "step by step videos" that showed them how to do some of the more difficult marketing tasks.

The survey went on to ask "which marketing tools do you want videos on" and 289 of the original 344 people immediately told me they wanted "videos on how to create brandable PDF files" they can use for viral marketing.

If you've ever thought about creating your own viral products or were one of the 289 people that specifically told me you wanted step VIDEO instructions that show you "exactly how to create customized and personalized PDF files that your customers, prospects and affiliates can brand on demand" just drop by my Milcers membership club and check out the video section.

Every week in my Milcers club we're serving up an exciting new video that that saves you enormous amounts of time and frustration by showing you exactly how to use the latest software programs, online resources and tools you need to grow your business and get better results so you can spend more time doing the things you really want.

Get more information here:

Best Wishes,
Marlon Sanders

CEO - Higher Response Marketing, Inc.

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