If You're Just Getting Your Feet Wet in Internet Marketing, Here Are 3 Things That'll Save You Time, Money & Energy


If you're just getting your feet wet in marketing, here are 3 things that'll save you time, money and energy:

1) Don't just rush out and buy a bunch of products on different topics. While it's good to invest in your own marketing education you'll want to go slowly and start with one or two key products that cover the next step you need to take.

I've talked to far too many people who come onto our live chat with a list of 20 to 40 products they've bought, asking what they should buy next, without having even read a single one of the products they already own.

So I recommend that you read everything in one or two key products, then act on what you've learned.

Don't just jump to the next product without putting the knowledge and information in the first product to work for you.

Follow that system and you'll never end up suffering from the dreaded information overload!

2) If at all possible, try to hire a freelance person to help you with some of the more mundane, repetitive tasks. For example, if you're building a mailing list and you need someone to copy and paste 400 addresses into a spreadsheet for you then you can save a LOT of time by hiring a freelance person to do this for you.

While they're building the mailing list you can be working on the promotion you're going to send to that list. So you're using your time wisely, saving your energy for the more important tasks.

3) Create a checklist that covers the three most important tasks you've got to do next.

Don't sit down and write up a list of 101 things that you've got to take care of. Find the 3 biggest or most important or most urgent items on that list and put them on their own separate list.

There's nothing more draining than looking at a list of 101 things to do. Even if you get 20 of them done, it's not even 1/5th of the list and going that route you won't have that feeling of accomplishment until you've completed all 101 items.

So create smaller, more concise lists and knock 'em out that way.

That keeps you focused!

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