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CEO Higher Response Marketing, Inc.

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Whether You're Just Getting Your Feet Wet in Internet Marketing Or You're Ready to Grow & Expand Your Product, Info-Product or Service Business, The Milcers Private Site Has More Than 52 Fresh, Automatically Updated Tools, Resources and "Step By Step How To's" To Help You Along the Way!

Dear Prospective Member,

In a second I'll tell you how you can get access to all 52+ member benefits in the Milcers Private Site, but first let me give you 3 reasons to read this letter:

Here are TWO reasons to read this whole letter:

1. If you want to grow, build, improve or enhance your business, the new Milcers private site can make that happen for you.

2. If you need to get money rolling in the door right NOW then you need to get going YESTERDAY and your keywords of the day are going to be "STAT", "FAST", "NOW" and "GET RESULTS". If you need money coming in, if you need to get the cash flowing, if you need to get things rollling along then the new Milcers private site has got lots of stuff for you.

More Than 52 Different Tools and Resources to Help You Start or Grow and Expand Your Product, Info-Product or Service Business Are Waiting For You In the MILCERS Private Site Right Now!

Take a look at just how many member benefits and resources you'll get INSTANT ACCESS to in the Milcers Private Membership Site:

Marketing Resource Lists
Marketing Reports
Monthly Training Videos
Cash Injection Audios
Milcodex Resources
Profit Tracking Software
Marketing Articles
Goal Tracking System
Free Software Trials
Monthly Milcers Newsletter
Monthly "Inside Scoops"
Milcers Q&A Forum
Milcers Daily Calendar
Bonus Monthly Audios
Tools to Build New Income Streams
Auto-Pilot Tips 'n Tricks
Monthly Bonus Reports
Daily Marketing Planner
Auto-Pilot Video Series
Milcers Quarterly Conference Calls
Monthly Training Videos
Marketing Resource Lists
Web Site Critiques
HTML Web Templates
Marketing Reports
Text Formatter Tool
Marketing Hotline Alerts
Cash Injection Audios
Milcodex Resources
Profit Tracking Software
Goal Tracking System
Free Software Trials
Marketing Hotline Alerts
Questions & Answers Forum
Daily Marketing Planner
Auto-Pilot Tips 'n Tricks
... and much more!

The many different "tools" in the private site includes HTML templates, marketing training videos, checklists, resources, topic specific reports, discussion forums and other resources designed to speed things right up for you.

Marketing Training Videos:   (Gold & Silver Members)

Every month you get access to a new marketing training video that takes you by the hand and shows you, step by step, how to do some of the more difficult marketing tasks.

For example, one video may show you everything you need to know to set up your own Blog including how to customize the template, format the posts, upload images, add affiliate links and how to set it up so your blog gets pinged almost immediately so you can start getting traffic right away.

Here's a video that shows you how to get your website up and running:

Another video may show you how to set up split test software on your computer, how to install your own forum software using a CPanel host, how to perform crucial maintenance on your computer and so forth.

Every month you get a different video with step by step "exactly what to do and how to do it" instructions and if there's a specific video you'd like to have, all you need to do is post to the Milcers "Questions & Answers" forum and let us know what it is you want to learn.

Digital Milcers Newsletter:  (Gold & Silver Members)

When you join Milcers you'll get INSTANT ACCESS to the current issue of the Milcers Newsletter, in digital PDF format.

Every 30 days from the time you join the club you will receive a HARD COPY printed newsletter so please make sure you use a physical mailing address that you check. (P.O. Boxes are fine, as long as it's your current address.)

Milcers APM System:  (Gold & Silver Members)

One of the newest features added to the Milcers Private Site is the new "APM" system.

You won't believe what this system does when you see it and I guarantee, you've NEVER seen anything like this before.

Most of the details on the APM machine are "hush hush" so I can't tell you much more than this...

When you login to Milcers for the first time, you need to look at your Membership card immediately, then head over to the APM machine and enter the "secret something" when prompted by the system, then click the yellow button.

Whether you've been a long time Milcer member or not, even if you've never heard of me or my Milcers club, the APM system has something waiting for you.

So check it out right now by clicking here and completing the secure, no risk acceptance form below!

HTML Template of the Month: (Gold Members Only)

Every month you get a fresh, brand new, professionally designed HTML template delivered to you in the Milcers Private membership site that you can use for your personal or commercial website, completely free.

Here are the benefits of the Milcers Templates:

Save Money on Designer Fees:

The monthly templates are provided to existing Milcers at absolutely no cost so you don't have to keep dishing out money to a designer every single time you want to put up a new site and won't have to keep buying template after template just to find one that works for your business.

These Templates are Simple to Use:

Unlike "off the shelf" templates with non-existant or confusing instructions, every Milcers template comes with a complete step by step walkthrough of what you get that month, how to EDIT the contents to get your website up and running right away, placeholder text so you know exactly where everything needs to go, ideas and suggestions to help you sell more products, tools to help you build your opt-in list, editable "button text" so you're never stuck with navigation buttons that you can't use, accent images you can use that match the design (example: bullets, buttons, arrows, etc), high quality graphic images or web page headers that are optimized for the fastest load time without looking "blurry" or "distressed", quality stock photos that match the look and feel of the web design and up to date designs that don't look like the template was made in the 90's.

The Milcer Templates Are Designed for REAL Businesses, Just Like Yours or Mine!

One of the biggest benefits of the Milcer templates is that they are universally applicable and can be used for selling practically any type of product or service.

Trying to get your content into an off the shelf template can be like sticking a square peg into a round hole because most of them are created as "brochure templates" with no room for a real sales letter, navigation buttons that don't fit your business and so forth.

The Milcer templates can be 100% customized for practically any type of product or service you can dream up!

Here's just a quick sample of what one of the HTML templates looked like that we delivered to our Milcer members in the last couple months:

As you can see in the screen capture, the template has plenty of room for a long or short sales letter.

If you're selling multiple products from one website, you can use the template for that as well.

There really are no restrictions on what you can add to the template.

You get 1 new template a month.

Just One Template Alone Is Worth FIVE Times The Cost Of the Monthly Membership Fees:

The value on each of the Milcers templates is $250 USD so even if all you do is use 1 Milcers template every 6 months, just that one template alone has paid the cost of your membership for 6 months straight!

Get Your Web Site Up and Running in Record Time:

It's quick and simple to get your website up and running when you're a Member of the Milcers club.

Just login to the private members area, click on HTML templates and you'll get instant access to 2 of them right on the spot.

The step by step instructions walk you through how to edit the templates and add your content so whether you're just starting out and want to get your webpage up and running or want to grow your existing business by setting up a whole new domain, the Milcers club gives you the templates you need to get it done.

The Milcer Web Templates are Unique:

The problem with most commercial web templates is that anyone with $50 to $200 can come along and buy the same web template as you... including your competitors.

As a Milcer member what you get is a unique template that is not available anywhere else and while that doesn't guarantee your competitors won't come along and pay someone several hundred dollars to design a page similar to the one you're using, the benefit of having a new template delivered every single month is if that did happen, in just a couple clicks you can instantly update and change your design!

Amazingly enough, design theft happens a lot more than you may think and I'm definitely speaking from personal experience on this one...

If you've been around for any length of time then you may remember my original "Amazing Formula" design with the bumpy grey background, split tables with red borders and the ancient old graphics I used to use.

Allan Gardyne once said "the website is horribly ugly (or something to that effect) but the product sure does sell like crazy!" and he was right. It did sell like crazy but the problem with that is, everyone knew it so even though the design was ugly, it was copied more times than I was able to count...

Just last week I ran across it in a Google search on something or another, so that tells me it's STILL being copied to this day!

When or if that happens to you the only thing you can really do is to update your design and do it quickly and that's just one of the ways you can use the Milcer templates.

Milcer Templates Can Be Used So Many Ways:

• Use it to launch your next product!
• Perfect to use for that Joint Venture you're working on...
• Use it to promote new affiliate program products.
• Set up a "service" business on the Internet
• Create an online presence for your real world business.
• Use it to deliver your digital products to customers.
• The Milcer templates even work for sending HTML email!

Monthly Articles:  (Gold & Silver Members)

Every month you'll get an easy to access online breakdown of the monthly Milcers newsletter into "easily digestible" shorter articles. These are created as "mini articles" that you can read in under 10 minutes and cover different areas of marketing such as creating income streams, growing your business, getting results from your marketing, auto-piloting your business or promoting your new or existing business.

Just imagine getting your hands on a minimum of 5 new articles every month, jam packed with step by step "how to" instructions, tips and resources!

Plus, you'll also get access to other articles of interest that are not printed the main Milcers Newsletter, so you'll want to check this area quite often for fresh new content that you can't find anywhere else.

Printed Monthly Newsletter:   (Gold & Silver Members)

Please Note: The Milcers newsletter is provided to you in DIGITAL PDF format when you first join, then within the first 30 days I'll be sending you what is arguably cash in your mailbox or, at least, the next best thing!

In my monthly 12 to 20 page "Milcers Newsletter", I take people by the hand and walk them through my step-by-step system for making money.

Here's a sample of the first 6 pages from my last Milcers newsletter that shows you just how jam packed with step by step instructions these newsletters are.

The Milcers Newsletter is a cream-of-the-crop, hot-off-the-press digest of moneymaking secrets that show you how I and others in the Club create income streams at will and put them on virtual auto-pilot.

Once you get your hands on the Milcers newsletter I'm sure you'll agree that just the printed newsletter alone is worth the cost of your membership fee and not wanting to get your hands on this month after month would would almost like reaching in your mailbox, taking out big wads of cash, spitting on it, saying "I don't need you" and then BURNING THE MONEY.

Who'd be fool enough to do that?

Because you're going to be receiving the newsletter in PRINT FORMAT you'll be able to really enjoy it. You can hold it in your hands and read it on the subway, while relaxing in the living room, having a coffee at the kitchen table, waiting in traffic, relaxing outside in your backyard, by the pool or whatever.

Every issue is filled end to end with information that'll definitely jump start your brain, month after month.

Audio CD-ROM of the Month: (Gold Members Only)

Every month, as a member of my Gold Milcers Club, you'll receive a brand new Audio CD delivered straight into your mailbox, no matter where in the world you live.

The 60 to 74 minutes Audio CD's are jam packed with marketing information that I don't reveal anywhere else including interviews I've done with other marketing experts, step by step "how to's" on using my systems and many other different, exciting topics.

The monthly audio CD's are available to Gold Members only, so if you're an existing Silver Member and you want to get your hands on these you can upgrade using the link at the bottom of this page.

These are actual audio CD's that you can play in your home stereo, car stereo, walkman OR even using your DVD player if it supports audio CD's.

Marketing Hotline Alerts: (Gold Members Only)

As a Gold Milcer member you're going to receive special Marketing Hotline Alerts and Product Updates that will catapult you by leaps and bounds ahead of your competitors. We guarantee you'll always be using the most up to date, most powerful, most robust software, programs, tools and services the Internet has to offer.

I want to point out that this is different from the Marketing Resource list that I talk about elsewhere on this page, because here we're providing you with constant updates on what's hot right now, which products have just been updated and any changes to existing recommended resources.

This means you'll have what you need to stay ahead of your competition, by taking advantage of every possible edge you can get and that includes getting the heads up on whether you're using out of date software or old resources that are no longer as effective as they used to be...

The hotline alerts are issued on an "as needed" basis, strictly for Gold Members.

Tech Zone: Milcers Tech Zone:  (Gold & Silver Members)