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Last Chance Pre-Launch Bonus Offer

Please Note: This is your LAST CHANCE to sign up for the Milcers Private Membership Site, so if you want to get your hands on the Pre-Launch BONUS PACKAGE you've GOT to act now!

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The most in-depth, complete, what-to-do and exactly how-to-do-it collection of step-by-step "how to" training videos, marketing resources, checklists, articles, marketing reports, discussion forums, weekly audios, templates, Audio CD's, Printed Newsletters and MUCH MORE than you'll find in ANY other Private Membership Site anywhere on the Internet -- Guaranteed!

Whether You're Just Getting Your Feet Wet in Internet Marketing Or You're Ready to Grow & Expand Your Product, Info-Product or Service Business, The Milcers Private Site Has More Than 52 Fresh, Automatically Updated Tools, Resources and "Step By Step How To's" To Help You Along the Way!

Dear Prospective Milcer,

Announcing the introduction of the brand new Milcers Private Membership Site.

In a second I'll explain what "MILCERS" is, what it means and how it's totally unique and unlike any other Private Membership Site, but first let me give you two reasons to read this sales letter now:

1. If you want to grow, build, improve or enhance your business, the new Milcers private site can make that happen for you.

2. If you need to get money rolling in the door right NOW then you need to get going YESTERDAY and your keywords of the day are going to be "STAT", "FAST", "NOW" and "GET RESULTS". If you need money coming in, if you need to get the cash flowing, if you need to get things rollling along then the new Milcers private site has got lots of stuff for you.

First of all let's talk about growth:

What we're going to do in the growth area of Milcers is, we're going to show you and give you lots of tools to assist and help you improve, build and expand your business and make things a lot better.

For example, here are some of the tools in the Private Site that'll help grow your business:

Marketing Resource Lists
Marketing Reports
Monthly Training Videos
Cash Injection Audios
Milcodex Resources
Profit Tracking Software
Marketing Articles
Goal Tracking System
Free Software Trials
Monthly Milcers Printed Newsletter
Monthly "Inside Scoops"
Milcers Q&A Forum
Milcers Daily Calendar
Bonus Monthly Audios
Tools to Build New Income Streams
Auto-Pilot Tips 'n Tricks
Monthly Bonus Reports
Daily Marketing Planner
Auto-Pilot Video Series
Milcers Quarterly Conference Calls

Later on in this letter we'll go over those tools in depth. But right now, a word of caution...

The one caution I want to make to you is, there are "sirens" singing a beautiful song that want to lure you in with their sweet sounds, with their sweet song and if you want to hear this song, if you open your ears to the "instant riches songs" you'll end up falling into a trap, falling into the ocean and drowning. And all that gets you is D-E-A-D.

If you haven't heard the tale of the sirens before you can read about them in Homer's "Odyssey", but the gist of the story goes like this:

"The sirens, who lived in a flowery meadow on an island off the coast of Sicily, waited for ships to pass and when they did, they lured the men on the ships to their death. When a ship would pass, the sirens would sing and play sweet music to attract the men to come to their Island. These men who listened to their sweet songs and got lured to the island could never leave once there and ultimately, they died on the banks of the Island."

Now here's the thing about the type of sirens I'm warning you about:

The sirens of today sing a different song, but it's just as sweet and just as alluring and goes something like this:

We have products and web sites already done for you. You can make instant overnight profits and you don't have to do anything! We have promotions already created for you. With our products you don't have to think or do anything to make money. You hardly have to breathe. It's the easiest way possible. Just follow our instruction and when you wake up in the morning you will have checks in your mailbox. They'll come in automatically...

It’s definitely a sweet, beautiful, alluring song... But remember, all they want to do is lead you astray, lead you to the banks of their Island leave you there to die! The sirens of today may sing a beautiful song that floats across the ocean but in reality they aren’t anything more than alligators living in your money pond and the only purpose of the song is to lure you and lull you into doing something you shouldn’t be doing! So you need to recognize the sirens of today for what they really are... Alligators in YOUR pond!

I'll say it once and I've said it a thousand times. You are your own Easter Bunny, Santa Claus and Goose that Lays Golden Eggs. What I mean by this is, don't go out and spend a fortune for something just because someone's singing a beautiful song about it, telling you they've got everything done for you already and all you have to do is push a magic button and watch the checks come in automatically. All that gets you is B-R-O-K-E!

The Milcers Private Site Gives You
The Tools You Need To Start, Grow or Expand Your Business and Get The Cash Coming In!

More Than 52 Different Tools and Resources to Help You Start or Grow and Expand Your Product, Info-Product or Service Business Are Waiting For You In the Milcers Private Site Right Now!

I provide tools for you in the Milcers Private Site and other things to help you get cash coming in, but in the end there’s one thing that you need that ultimately gets you out of the pond with the gators and gets you where you want to go.

Whether that’s Disneyland or Utopia, there’s one thing and only one thing that’ll really help you and that’s KNOWLEDGE!

The reason you're in the pond with the gators or sat and listened to the sirens song in the first place is because you didn't have the knowledge you needed to prevent that from happening.

So now you've got to get out of the pond with the Gators because it’s the only way you'll be able to start heading down the path to where you want to go. To where you need to go.

The Milcers Private Site gives you knowledge, gets you on the right path, keeps you on track and prevents you from going down the wrong path by listening to the sirens of today.

In the new Milcers Private Site I'm going to show you how to get out of the pond and grow a real business. I'm going to show you how to turn things around, how to get rid of those gators!

You see, unless you’ve got a lot of money, unless you’ve bought a very expensive package and spent tens of thousands of dollars on a true "turn key" business, no one is going to give you a “business in a box” that automatically and instantly does what they say it’ll do.

You may be buying what's described as a "business in a box" but when you turn it on, the cash isn't gonna roll in. Half the time it sounds and looks good and it's expensive. But guess what? It's still a siren singing a song.

Now I'm not saying there aren't legitimate business opportunities out there, but I can tell you an awful lot of them have really good advertisements and PR campaigns and the reality usually doesn’t match up to the advertisement.

You've probably been there and done that. You've probably bought one or more courses and packages that made promises and failed to deliver. If so, you're not alone. I see people every day coming onto our live chat telling me they bought this or that course and really thought the “it’s all done for you” pitch was true.

They really thought they would be able to push a button and have money coming in right away, day and night. The bottom line is, it just isn't true. At least not in the majority of cases I've seen.

Think about this: If such a kit existed then everyone would be rich. Everyone would be pushing the button and collecting the cash without doing anything!

Perhaps you’re trying to sell products or services that people don't want, reprint rights no one wants or you’ve spent a bunch of money on some business opportunity that sounds good and sounds like you'll make immediate cash... but in the end all you've done is spend the cash you did have and now you're left with nothing.

Here's another sample letter that I get on a regular basis: "Marlon, I like what you're saying but I need to get cash in the door now and I don't have time to figure everything out myself. I don’t have time to be an expert in marketing because I need results now -- so what do I do?"

I have a two-fold program for these people:

Part 1: I'm going to show you how to start getting immediate cash in the door – NOW!

Part 2: I'll show you how to realize that this is a temporary solution.

Part 1 of getting money in the door right now is, we have products you can sell on commissions. We have a system we’re putting together where you can not only sell our front end products on commission, we have a back end system that you can also sell on commissions and we’ve put together a solution for you that's turn-key and ultimately, is what you need to get cash coming in the door.

This is going to be coming down the road soon. We're working on it furiously now. No one's done anything like this before. We're working on it as fast as we can because we realize you need to get something going now, not later.

So as soon as we get the pieces in place, we're going to announce it to you and you can get the ball rolling.

Part 2 is to realize that the best thing for you to do long term is to find out how to target demand, find out what products or services people want to buy, get a product or service package for them, promote the product or service and then ultimately grow that business.

This is the direction you need to focus on going. The biggest detour on the way is that people always want to buy something pre-packed. Something quick, something instant.

They don't want to learn how to do marketing. They don’t want to learn how to promote products or services or create a business from the ground up.

They just want the goose that lays the golden eggs and then after spending a lot of money on this they find out the gold was painted on the eggs in the first place. They realize the whole deal was a scam and they've wasted their money on the goose.

My advice to you is don't be enamored by a goose that looks pretty if you're being asked to pay a lot of money for it.

Realize that long term, your solution lies with learning how to obtain your own goose that lays it's own golden eggs.

To translate that into plain English, it means, over the next year or two years, to really get where you want to go, you’ve got to be 100% committed by getting the skills we teach in the Milcers Private Site, which is finding demand, getting a product, promoting it and growing your business.

Of course in the meantime I realize you need to SURVIVE. I'm here to help you SURVIVE. Milcers is here to help you SURVIVE.

We realize you may have alligators in your pond that you need to get rid of and at the moment, learning nuances on building a pretty pond or how to market a pond may not be your primary focus. After all, you're in the water with one or more gators! So we’re going to help you get rid of that gator first and foremost.

The alligator is what’s eating up your money, the alligator is your bills, alligators are where things used to be going well but aren't anymore. Alligators are where you had products and services that used to sell but don't sell anymore.

Milcers is here to help you get rid of the alligators. We’ll be giving you information on where and how to revive your products and services which in turn will help you to get rid of the alligators. More importantly we're going to give you systems and tools you can use to make money with right away. That includes courses and tele-seminars you can lead, products you can sell and so forth.

Having said that, I’ll stop preaching now and tell you this:

The Milcers Private Site is Here
For One Reason
and One Reason Only...

To give you the knowledge and tools you need to get the "gators out of your money pond" and keep them out. Not just to solve your immediate problem, but prevent future problems from happening.

The Milcers Private Membership Site is here to put you on the track to growing a real, thriving, profitable business. Not just to get some money rolling in right now but to keep it coming in, to grow and expand your business into a thriving success.

If you don't want to grow a business then ultimately the Milcers Private Site is probably not the place you want to be. If all you’re looking for is a quick hand with the gators but don’t want the resources, tools, information and help to keep your pond clear down the road then Milcers may not be for you. If you don't want the resources and help you need to grow a thriving business then Milcers may not be for you.

On the other hand, if you want tools, resources and information to grow and enhance your business then the Milcers Private Site has that, and more.

For example, the Milcers Private Site contains discussion forums where you can pick up a lot of good "how to" marketing information, get help with problems you have and give you the answers to your questions.

Now I realize that if you’re busy working on your business, popping into a forum to get help or to pick up a couple ideas may not be your idea of a good time, but listen to this...

You can pick up a lot of good information, ideas, tricks and tips from other people in the Milcers forum. Plus you'll be able to share your ideas with others. And in turn they'll be sharing their ideas with you.

So not only is the forum a great place to be, but when you're there you'll be able to get ideas on improving and tweaking your business!

What’s more, with the addition of our new Milcers photo gallery, you'll actually be able to “see” the person you’re talking to. You'll be able to get to know the person you're talking to and I'll tell you, knowing someting about your fellow Milcer members is way better than asking for or trying to get help from an anonymous poster on another forum.

Of course I’m not knocking other marketing forums. I post to other forums now and then. What I’m talking about here is a whole new level of discussion forums, a whole new way to grow and expand your business by getting involved with or getting help from people you really know. Not just by their "john1234" forum name, but by knowing more about them including what they look like, what kind of business they're in, what products they're selling and so forth.

Another neat thing I've built right into the Milcers Private site is the opportunity for you to earn points for participating as a member. I call it the Milcer Points System and basically how it works is quite simple. You're rewarded for participating as a member!

For example, you earn points for posting to the forum, for commenting on someone’s post and helping them out, for answer someone else's questions in the forum, for uploading your photo, for voting on someone else’s photo, for rating someone's article, template or design. You also get points for making referrals and so forth.

The best part is, for each “activity” you do, you earn points that you can trade in for merchandise and cool gifts. Right now there are about 12 different products you can get your hands on, for FREE, just by saving up and cashing in your points. And with 10+ different ways to rack up points (99% of them are issued automatically so you can see 'em in real time!) it's easy to boost your points balance just by participating.

Of course I realize you’ve probably got the money to buy these products and merchandise yourself, but hey, everyone likes free stuff. I like free stuff! Getting free stuff gives you an incentive to participate in Milcers and to go out and spread the news about the private site. The bottom line is, your participation makes everything else in Milcers better for everyone involved and we're going to reward you for helping make that happen.

So you see, not only will the Milcers Private Site help YOUR business grow, expand, thrive and survive, but as a member of the Milcers Private site you can become part of something really important, and that is helping other businesses improve, grow and expand.

First and foremost is your business, of course, but once your business is growing and once you're profiting from everything you get in the Milcers Private site, then it only makes sense to think of the thousands of businesses NOT in Milcers that really need to BE in Milcers! And in doing so, your business becomes more profitable as well because for every person you refer to the Milcers Private Site, you snag a cool 45% recurring billing commission, month after month, year after year, for as long as they remain a member!

If you think about it, how many people do you know that have a business that could use growth? 2, 10, 20, 100?

Think about the places you stop at during the day. The vendors, companies and services you buy from... How about the coffee shop you stop at on the way to work every day, the computer repair shop that saved you from that last virus, the guy who fixes your car for you, the company that does your lawn, the place you get your hair cut, the company that does your taxes, the local grocery store you shop with on the way home, the video store you rent from, the local pharmacy that knows you by name when you walk in the door, the dry cleaner who got that massive spot out of your shirt when you thought it was a goner. Think about all those companies out there that you interact with daily, weekly, monthly and yearly. All these vendors want to grow their business and they should all be part of Milcers.

By promoting the Milers Private Site, you get rewarded two ways.

1) If you're able to make that happen, if you're able to get some of those local businesses into the Milcers Club, then you get 45% recurring monthly payments dropped straight into YOUR PayPal account!

2) Just for referring people, even on the most casual level, (an instant message, a personal one on one email, a phone conversation, dinner with friends, etc) you get "referral rewards" points issued to you.

Just spread the word and get rewarded for doing so!

Anyone you know or are acquainted with that needs to find "demand", needs to promote a product, needs to promote a service or flat out needs to grow their business, you need to get them in Milcers and you can get paid for doing it.

There is no other place these businesses can go to get the data that I'm offering in the Milcers Private Site. Of course there are other membership sites that give you monthly access to reprint rights on this or that, articles on different topics and so forth but none of them, none I've ever been able to find have even a fraction of what I've included in the Milcers Private Site!

If You've Got a Need for Speed,
Milcers Has The Tools You Need!

Alright, let’s talk about the second reason to join Milcers:

The second reason you may want to join Milcers is if you need SPEED.

Maybe you're in financial trouble, maybe you need more cash in your pockets, maybe your products, info-products or services used to sell like hotcakes but don't anymore or the sales are slowing down, maybe you're getting laid off, maybe you're getting paid less or maybe you just got some unexpected bills in the mail...

Whatever the reason, we'll help you get the tools you need for speed!

When we're talking about speed tools, we're talking about solutions that help you right NOW. Things you need to get moving fast. Things that save you time.

For example, let's say you listened to the songs of the sirens and got lulled into buying some expensive package that didn't do what it promised. And you got lulled into signing up for a bunch of services you can't use or don't need. What this means is, you've got an alligator in your "cash pond" eating up your money and you need to get it out -- NOW!

Wouldn't you agree that getting the gator out of the money pond before it eats up every last dollar you have would be absolutely crucial?

While you may love marketing and want to learn more about it and may want to learn how to do this or that, the most important thing is to get the alligator out of the pond right NOW. Not tomorrow, next week or next year but right NOW.

You need to get things happening NOW and the Milcers Private Site can help you with that - right NOW!

Of course we can’t promise blue sky or a green moon (obviously) but I can tell you what we can do:

WE can give you SPEED and TOOLS that make things go two, three, four or five times faster. The tools are the things you can use to get cash coming in NOW.

So if you've got a "Need for Speed" then the Milcers Private Site has the tools that'll help you!

Before I tell you what's in the speed and tools section of Milcers, let me tell you what Milcers stands for:


The full title is actually "Marlon's Independence On the Internet Lifestyle Club" and for short, we use the term "MILCERS".

Here Are The SPEED Tools Waiting For You
In the Milcers Private Site Right NOW!

Monthly Training Videos
Marketing Resource Lists
Web Site Critiques
HTML Web Templates
Topic Specific Marketing Reports
Text Formatter Tool
Marketing Hotline Alerts
Cash Injection Audios
Milcodex Resources
Profit Tracking Software
Goal Tracking System
Free Software Trials
Marketing Hotline Alerts
PDF of the Monthly Printed Newsletter
Milcers Questions & Answers Forum
Daily Marketing Planner
Auto-Pilot Tips 'n Tricks
... and much more!

The many different "speed tools" in the private site includes HTML templates, marketing training videos, checklists, resources, topic specific reports, discussion forums and other resources designed to speed things right up for you.

As an example of how these things speed things up for you, let's say you've created a new info-product and you're ready to start selling it.

Before you can do that you'll need to do the following:

            Register a Domain Name
            Find a Host and Set Up Your Hosting Account
            Design, Buy or Hire Someone to Create Your Web Site          
            Write Your Sales Letter
            Set Up Your Autoresponders
            Set Up Your Payment Processing So You Can Take Orders
            Set Up Your Product Delivery System
            And several other things...

Those are just the few things I can think of off the top of my head and not all may apply to your specific situation. It depends on what kind of product you're selling, whether you've got a hosting account already, etc. You may not need to do all of those things to launch your product. It depends.

The point is, without the speed tools and resources, it can take you weeks and weeks to get all of that done. Maybe longer. It depends on how much you already know. But if you're just starting out or you're in trouble and need to get the product launched right NOW, you won't have weeks to spend trying to learn it all.

That's why we've created the speed tools. To get you out of a jam fast. To get you on the right track fast. To get your products launched fast. Promos created fast, and so forth.

To help illustrate my point, here are a couple EXAMPLES of how the Milcers Private Site can SPEED things up for you, save you time and get you on the fast track.

Register a Domain Name

Problem: You need a domain name and you don't know what to do.

Solution: The Milcers Private Site contains a step by step "exactly what to do and how to do it" report on registering a domain name.

So instead of floundering around trying to figure out where to go to buy the name and how to register it (some of the domain settings can be pretty tricky to figure out your first few times) all you do is read the short "topic specific" report that shows you what to do and exactly how to do it.

I can't even tell you how long it took us to figure out everything we know about domain names. Which one has the best options, which one lets you use Dynamic DNS and so forth.

Heck, just the Dynamic DNS option alone took about 2 weeks before we found out how to do it! But we plodded along, learned all of it and wrote up a very topic specific "how to" report for you, complete with pictures and step by step instructions that show you exactly what to do.

So the solution to the problem is, you get instant access to the Private Site with a topic specific "how to" report that literally shows you HOW to get that domain name, where to get it and how to set it up.
Find a Host and Set Up Your Hosting Account

A similar solution applies here. And again it's all about speed.

The Milcers Private Site contains step by step "how to" reports, tips and tricks on finding a good, reliable and inexpensive hosting account. There's a "topic specific" step by step report on signing up for a reliable hosting account complete with screen captures and step by step instructions that literally show you what to do.

Design, Buy or Hire Someone to Create Your Web Site

Next example is your website. I've personally spent hours and hours clicking through template sites trying to find just 1 template to buy that I could use for my new website. The problem is, after hours clicking from one page to the next digging through all these sites, I realized that the type of website template I needed isn't something just anyone sells.

Most template sites (at least the major sites I've used for templates in the past) are "brochure" sites that use pictures to sell products, so there isn't any room for your sales letter or web page content!

If you're selling an info product then pictures ain't gonna do you one bit of good. What you need is a long sales letter that really spells out the benefits.

The problem is that none of the template sites I know about offer these type of templates. They have ten thousand OTHER templates but none that are suitable for anyone with any real content.

So the next step is to try and hire someone to design it for you. But that takes weeks, maybe up to a month if they work slower than most. And if you're in trouble, need cash right now, need to launch that product right now then you don't have weeks or months to wait for the designer. You need the template right NOW.

That's why the Milcers Private Site contains at least ONE new professionally designed HTML template every single month that you can click, download, open and use in minutes.

And unlike the other "brochure sites", these templates are created for real businesses. For people with real sales letters, for people who can't get by trying to sell a product with pictures.

In less than 5 minutes you can have the template in your hands and start adding contents to it on the spot. Plus, all the templates in Milcers are 100% customizable so you'll never be stuck trying to shove a square peg into a round hole!

Write Your Sales Letter and Web Page Content

Problem: You need to write a sales letter but you've never written one before, nor do any of your friends happen to be world famous copywriters!

Solution: There are a couple solutions on just this one problem. The first is that with Milcers you get free software trials. And one of the trials is the Push Button Letters Software, so instead of sitting down staring at a blank page trying to write your first sales letter, all you do is activate your trial of the software, fill in the blanks, click a button and out pops your sales letter.

Just polish it up a little and paste it into your website.

In addition, we've got sales letter checklists, diagrams of what goes where, resources you can use on writing your sales copy and more, all neatly tucked into the "Sales Letter" section of the Milcers Private Site.

Set Up Your Autoresponders

Problem: You need to set up your autoresponders but don't know what they are, where to get them or how to use them.

Solution: We've got step by step "how to videos" what show you exactly where to find one, how to get it set up and how to plug in your first autoresponder message.

That's just one example of course. We also have special reports, resources and other information on this topic. All ready and waiting for you in the Private Site.

Set Up Your Payment Processing So You Can Take Orders
Set Up Your Product Delivery System

The same applies to the last two example topics showing above.

There are "how to videos", topic specific reports, articles, audio walkthroughs and other resources in the Milcers Private site that SPEEDS these things up for you.

We've got a whole section on putting your business on auto-pilot, setting up payment processing, setting up your product delivery system and much more. And of course you get INSTANT access to the Milcers Private Site which means you'll have these time saving tools at your fingertips when you need them the most. Not a week from now. Not a month from now. But right now!

In addition to the resources, reports, videos, templates, checklists and other benefits in the private site we also have discussion forums on all sorts of topics.

I realize you don’t have a lot of time to hang out in forums. I realize you don’t have a lot of time for idle chit chat, but just imagine you’ve got an alligator in YOUR pond and you need it out right now. You don't know what to do becuase there isn't anyone in the Yellow Pages listed under "Gator Removal" so you drop into the Milcers forum and post a request for help.

Now just imagine running across someone else in the forum who also HAD a gator in their pond and can give you the information, tips and advice you need right now to get it out.

Without the forum you wouldn’t be able to hook up with other people who might have the same issues you have and might be able to give you a hand when you need it.

Another tool in the Milcers Private site is the Milcers Photo Gallery. It’s where you can upload photos to share with other people so you can get to know your fellow Milcer members and they can get to know you.

Now I know you’re saying “Good gosh Marlon, I don’t want to upload my photo... I’m busy trying to get this gator out of my pond!”

What you need to realize is, the only way you can get the alligator out is to get help. And the person that can help you has a name, a face and a life and they’re a lot more likely to help you if you know who they are, what they look like, their name and something about them versus going into a totally impersonal forum and asking someone you don’t know or know anything about to help you.

So the purpose of the photo gallery is speed! It helps you identify with other Milcers so if you end up needing help one day, you’ll feel that much more comfortable asking for it. And you'll find that you get help much more quickly.

Another way to buy speed, if you need cash in the door right now, is to sell and promote Milcers. This is an ideal way to start bringing cash in the door quickly if you need it, because when you promote Milcers, you get 45% of the recurring billing income.

Let’s say you know 20 people. Just imagine dropping half of those people into Milcers! Just imagine having 10 people in Milcers at either $19.99 a month for Silver or $42 a month for Gold, with you getting 45% of each person’s recurring billing total every month, paid automatically the very next business day by PayPal.

At 45% of the monthly total, how many people do you have to drop in to get enough cash coming in so you get rid of the alligator in your pond the fastest, quickest and easiest way which is to pay someone to get it out! How many people would you have to drop in to have a good extra chunk of change on hand to get rid of future problems as they come up? To get rid of future gators as they show up?

Now, you don't HAVE to be a member of the Milcers Private Site to promote and sell Milcers to get 45% recurring income. But I think you’ll agree it’s a good idea. How convincing can you be at promoting Milcers or selling a membership to someone when you’re not even a member yourself?

On the same topic of speed, another great feature of Milcers that buys you speed and saves you time are the training videos.

Starting from scratch can be painful and it can take a lot of time to figure out how to use most software programs or online tools and resources. Without training videos it can take you forever to learn how to use a program or a piece of software. You can suck up days trying to figure it all out and while it’s obviously cheaper to sit down and try to figure everything out for yourself, if you're in a hurry, need money now, have to get moving and get your promotions out, you just don’t have the time to spend. You need as much as possible done for you as fast as possible.

That’s why we give you videos that show you exactly what to do. We figure it all out for you in advance, record it on video then all you do is watch it and you’ll see right there on the spot, exactly how to do it. We've spent days and weeks figuring out some of these topics. But what you get is a concise 10 to 30 minute video that shows you exactly what to do and how to do it.

More Than 52 Different Tools and Resources to Help You Start or Grow and Expand Your Product, Info-Product or Service Business Are Waiting For You In the MILCERS Private Site Right Now!

Now that we've talked about the training videos, templates and some of the resources, just take a look at the more than FIFTY TWO different tools and resources waiting for you in the new Milcers Private Site right now!

Marketing Training Videos:   (Gold & Silver Members)

Every month you get access to a new marketing training video that takes you by the hand and shows you, step by step, how to do some of the more difficult marketing tasks.

For example, one video may show you everything you need to know to set up your own Blog including how to customize the template, format the posts, upload images, add affiliate links and how to set it up so your blog gets pinged almost immediately so you can start getting traffic right away.

Here's a video that shows you how to get your website up and running:

Another video may show you how to set up split test software on your computer, how to install your own forum software using a CPanel host, how to perform crucial maintenance on your computer and so forth.

Every month you get a different video with step by step "exactly what to do and how to do it" instructions and if there's a specific video you'd like to have, all you need to do is post to the Milcers "Questions & Answers" forum and let us know what it is you want to learn.

Digital Milcers Newsletter:  (Gold & Silver Members)

Now you can get instant digital PDF access to the monthly Milcers newsletter. Just login to the Milcers Private Site and you'll see this month's issue posted the day it goes to print!

This means no delays while you're waiting for the mail to arrive and everyone gets access to the Milcers newsletter at the same time, regardless of where you live.

Of course you still get the monthly printed newsletter in the mail but now you can get access to it digitally as well so if you just can't wait to get your hands on the next issue then pop into the Milcers club and you'll see this months newsletter issue posted right there for you. (The newsletters are posted between the 12th and 15th of the month.)

Milcers APM System:  (Gold & Silver Members)

One of the newest features added to the Milcers Private Site is the new "APM" system.

You won't believe what this system does when you see it and I guarantee, you've NEVER seen anything like this before.

Most of the details on the APM machine are "hush hush" so I can't tell you much more than this...

When you login to Milcers for the first time, you need to look at your Membership card immediately, then head over to the APM machine and enter the "secret something" when prompted by the system, then click the yellow button.

Whether you've been a long time Milcer member or not, even if you've never heard of me or my Milcers club, the APM system has something waiting for you.

So check it out right now by clicking here and completing the secure, no risk acceptance form to join the Milcers Private Site Gold Membership Club.

HTML Template of the Month: (Gold Members Only)

Every month you get a fresh, brand new, professionally designed HTML template delivered to you in the Milcers Private membership site that you can use for your personal or commercial website, completely free.

Here are the benefits of the Milcers Templates:

Save Money on Designer Fees:

The monthly templates are provided to existing Milcers at absolutely no cost so you don't have to keep dishing out money to a designer every single time you want to put up a new site and won't have to keep buying template after template just to find one that works for your business.

These Templates are Simple to Use:

Unlike "off the shelf" templates with non-existant or confusing instructions, every Milcers template comes with a complete step by step walkthrough of what you get that month, how to EDIT the contents to get your website up and running right away, placeholder text so you know exactly where everything needs to go, ideas and suggestions to help you sell more products, tools to help you build your opt-in list, editable "button text" so you're never stuck with navigation buttons that you can't use, accent images you can use that match the design (example: bullets, buttons, arrows, etc), high quality graphic images or web page headers that are optimized for the fastest load time without looking "blurry" or "distressed", quality stock photos that match the look and feel of the web design and up to date designs that don't look like the template was made in the 90's.

The Milcer Templates Are Designed for REAL Businesses, Just Like Yours or Mine!

One of the biggest benefits of the Milcer templates is that they are universally applicable and can be used for selling practically any type of product or service.

Trying to get your content into an off the shelf template can be like sticking a square peg into a round hole because most of them are created as "brochure templates" with no room for a real sales letter, navigation buttons that don't fit your business and so forth.

The Milcer templates can be 100% customized for practically any type of product or service you can dream up!

Here's just a quick sample of what one of the HTML templates looked like that we delivered to our Milcer members in the last couple months:

As you can see in the screen capture, the template has plenty of room for a long or short sales letter but if you're currently selling multiple products from one website, you can use the template for that as well. There really are no restrictions on what you can add to the template.

Just One Template Alone Is Worth 5 Times The Cost Of the Monthly Membership Fees:

The value on each of the Milcers templates is $250 USD so even if all you do is use 1 Milcers template every 6 months, just that one template alone has paid the cost of your membership for 6 months straight!

Get Your Web Site Up and Running in Record Time:

It's quick and simple to get your website up and running when you're a Member of the Milcers club.

Just login to the private members area, click on HTML templates and you'll get instant access to 2 of them right on the spot.

The step by step instructions walk you through how to edit the templates and add your content so whether you're just starting out and want to get your webpage up and running or want to grow your existing business by setting up a whole new domain, the Milcers club gives you the templates you need to get it done.

The Milcer Web Templates are Unique:

The problem with most commercial web templates is that anyone with $50 to $200 can come along and buy the same web template as you... including your competitors.

As a Milcer member what you get is a unique template that is not available anywhere else and while that doesn't guarantee your competitors won't come along and pay someone several hundred dollars to design a page similar to the one you're using, the benefit of having a new template delivered every single month is if that did happen, in just a couple clicks you can instantly update and change your design!

Amazingly enough, design theft happens a lot more than you may think and I'm definitely speaking from personal experience on this one...

If you've been around for any length of time then you may remember my original "Amazing Formula" design with the bumpy grey background, split tables with red borders and the ancient old graphics I used to use.

Allan Gardyne once said "the website is horribly ugly (or something to that effect) but the product sure does sell like crazy!" and he was right. It did sell like crazy but the problem with that is, everyone knew it so even though the design was ugly, it was copied more times than I was able to count...

Just last week I ran across it in a Google search on something or another, so that tells me it's STILL being copied to this day!

When or if that happens to you the only thing you can really do is to update your design and do it quickly and that's just one of the ways you can use the Milcer templates.

Milcer Templates Can Be Used So Many Ways:

• Use it to launch your next product!
• Perfect to use for that Joint Venture you're working on...
• Use it to promote new affiliate program products.
• Set up a "service" business on the Internet
• Create an online presence for your real world business.
• Use it to deliver your digital products to customers.
• The Milcer templates even work for sending HTML email!

Monthly Articles:  (Gold & Silver Members)

Every month you'll get an easy to access online breakdown of the monthly Milcers newsletter into "easily digestible" shorter articles. These are created as "mini articles" that you can read in under 10 minutes and cover different areas of marketing such as creating income streams, growing your business, getting results from your marketing, auto-piloting your business or promoting your new or existing business.

Just imagine getting your hands on a minimum of 5 new articles every month, jam packed with step by step "how to" instructions, tips and resources!

Plus, you'll also get access to other articles of interest that are not printed the main Milcers Newsletter, so you'll want to check this area quite often for fresh new content that you can't find anywhere else.

Printed Monthly Newsletter:   (Gold & Silver Members)

Each month (until you tell me to stop), I'm going to be sending you what is arguably cash in your mailbox or, at least, the next best thing!

In my monthly 12 page "Milcers Newsletter", I take people by the hand and walk them through my step-by-step system for making money.

Here's a sample of the first 6 pages from my last Milcers newsletter that shows you just how jam packed with step by step instructions these newsletters are.

Each issue has 12 pages and when you first join the Milcers Club, you get Issue #1 with a 16 page Welcome Kit.

The Milcers Newsletter is a cream-of-the-crop, hot-off-the-press digest of moneymaking secrets that show you how I and others in the Club create income streams at will and put them on virtual auto-pilot.

Once you get your hands on the Milcers newsletter I'm sure you'll agree that just the printed newsletter alone is worth the cost of your membership fee and not wanting to get your hands on this month after month would would almost like reaching in your mailbox, taking out big wads of cash, spitting on it, saying "I don't need you" and then BURNING THE MONEY.

Who'd be fool enough to do that?

Because this is an actual printed newsletter and not another letter crowding your inbox you'll be able to really enjoy it. You can hold it in your hands and read it on the subway, while relaxing in the living room, having a coffee at the kitchen table, waiting in traffic, relaxing outside in your backyard, by the pool or whatever.

Every issue is filled end to end with information that'll definitely jump start your brain, month after month.

Audio CD-ROM of the Month: (Gold Members Only)

Every month, as a member of my Gold Milcers Club, you'll receive a brand new Audio CD delivered straight into your mailbox, no matter where in the world you live.

The 60 to 74 minutes Audio CD's are jam packed with marketing information that I don't reveal anywhere else including interviews I've done with other marketing experts, step by step "how to's" on using my systems and many other different, exciting topics.

The monthly audio CD's are available to Gold Members only, so if you're an existing Silver Member and you want to get your hands on these you can upgrade using the link at the bottom of this page.

These are actual audio CD's that you can play in your home stereo, car stereo, walkman OR even using your DVD player if it supports audio CD's.

Marketing Hotline Alerts: (Gold Members Only)

As a Gold Milcer member you're going to receive special Marketing Hotline Alerts and Product Updates that will catapult you by leaps and bounds ahead of your competitors. We guarantee you'll always be using the most up to date, most powerful, most robust software, programs, tools and services the Internet has to offer.

I want to point out that this is different from the Marketing Resource list that I talk about elsewhere on this page, because here we're providing you with constant updates on what's hot right now, which products have just been updated and any changes to existing recommended resources.

This means you'll have what you need to stay ahead of your competition, by taking advantage of every possible edge you can get and that includes getting the heads up on whether you're using out of date software or old resources that are no longer as effective as they used to be...

The hotline alerts are issued on an "as needed" basis, strictly for Gold Members.

Tech Zone: Milcers Tech Zone:  (Gold & Silver Members)

The Milcers Tech zone is like having you own technical advisor on hand 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

It's jam packed with software tips, resources you won't find anywhere else, free technical video training classes, top software downloads, tech news and much more.

Here's a sample of what the Milcers Tech Zone looks like:

Internet Marketing can be a technical challenge if you're just starting out or just getting your feet wet in this business so this is your chance to get the technical support, resources and training you need to kick start your learning curve.

We scoured the net for the best resources we could find on anything technical in nature and here are just a few of the things included in the Milcers tech zone:

Product Reviews, Software Reviews, Technical Support Forums, Top 10 Downloads, Internet Tips, Tech Stories, Computer Performance Tips and much more...

We've even included an amazing collection of "Wireless Hot Spot Zones" for cities across the USA and Canada, so you can kick back outside in the summertime, soaking up the sun while browsing Milcers private site!

Monthly Web Site Video Critiques:  (Gold Members Only)

New video critiques mean less time spend reading and more time spent enjoying and benefiting from our Monthly web site critiques.

Just sit back and watch as we review a new Milcer member's website every month, giving tips on graphic design, layout improvements, color suggestions and other helpful suggestions. Of course we also highlight all the positive elements so you can see right away what you're doing right and what could use a bit of improvement.

Here's a sample of what the video site review looks like. (This sample shows the site review being done for "Counselors Associated, Inc" who is a member of the Milcers Club that submitted their URL for review.)

Anytime you want to submit your URL for a critique just drop into the Milcers Daily forum and post your URL and as soon as possible, we'll create a detailed walk-thru video on the functionality, usability and look and feel of YOUR web site by a professional site designer so you can literally see your website from a completely different point of view.

Is your site navigation simple to use? Are you using colors that make your customers run in the opposite direction? How easy is it to order your products or services? Are you using enough testimonials and are they in the right spot?

Every 30 days a Gold Member site will be selected for a free in-depth site review.

In some cases we may also provide a complete re-design of your main page but in the very least you'll receive an in-depth video analysis report. This means we'll load your web site up into our browser and capture the complete critique/analysis on video so you can watch it over and over again as you make the suggested changes and improvements.

"Daily Marketing Planner":  (Gold & Silver Members)

Built right into the Milcers Private site is a multi-functional marketing planner that includes options like:

Setting up group contacts, scheduling events on a day to day or hour by hour basis, setting up your appointments, adding notes, adding to-do's, editing events and more.

Plus anytime you want, in just 1 click you can print out "mini calendars" that you can stick on your fridge, keep in your car, stick on your monitor and anywhere else you want.

Newsletter Back Issues:  (Gold & Silver Members)

If you like what you see in the Milcers monthly newsletter and find yourself sitting on the edge of your seat waiting for next month's issue to come out then this might be right up your alley...

Dating back to January 2004, that's 16 issues in total, we've loaded our fulfillment center up with back issues of the Milcers newsletter, ready and waiting to land in your mailbox.

Milcers Marketing Calendar:   (Gold & Silver Members)

You've seen organizers similar to this sell online for as much as $10 or $20 a month but you won't have to pay anything to stay organized if you're a Milcer member!

Built right into the private membership site is a robust marketing/personal calendar.

If you put your marketing goals and plans on the calendar, everytime you log into Milcers, you're reminded of what your goals and objectives are. And of course they can be edited anytime you want through the calendar interface. In addition to getting free access to the "Point 'n Click Milcers Marketing Calendar", you can also use it as a day to day personal organizer.

So if you're among the 45% of my customers that told me they were keeping track of what's important to them including their upcoming appointments and plans on post-it notes stuck all over their computer or fridge then the Milcers Marketing Calendar/Organizer is gonna be right up your alley!

Money Saving Discount Coupons:  (Gold & Silver Members)

As a Milcer member you'll also be eligible for special product discounts not available anywhere else because every single month you'll be given a secret 10 digit number that snags you a 10% discount on any of my products.

Save as much as $97.00 a month for as long as you're a Milcer member. (Excluding recurring billing products.)

If you use the coupon on a big ticket product you can actually save up to $97.00 a month and if you saved that much every month your total savings would equal more than $1100.00 in a year!

Just the average of one month's savings would equal two times that of your Milcer membership fees alone so this is a great way to save money on your marketing education.

Milcers "Mystery" Tool:  (Gold & Silver Members)

This is one powerful, yet simple tool that I use on a near daily basis and just know you'll be using it in the Milcers Private Site again and again.

Right now I can't tell you what it is and I've had to remove all the text from the prompts below so I know you can't exactly see just how powerful this simple tool can be, but what you're seeing in the screen capture is a basic overview of what the tool looks like.

What it does is save you time and lots of it. I personally use it on average, at least three or four times a week and I can't even imagine what I'd do without it!

On the last Gold Milcer Conference Call, when reviewing the private site, one of our existing members said, when he saw this tool "I've been looking for something like this my entire life!".

To my knowledge this is the ONLY tool that I know of that does what this does without asking too much in exchange. By that I mean, I've found a program that is similar to this. It's not exact, but similar. The problem with that one is, when you use it for "free", you're required to PROMOTE the tool for the company that let you use it. In fact you can't get out of it so when I say "free" I mean, as long as you're a Milcer member, you can use this with NO STRINGS ATTACHED.

Milcers Monthly "Sneak Peek":  (Gold & Silver Members)

If you've ever browsed a book in the bookstore or used's "See Inside This Book" feature then you'll love the Milcers "sneak peek" of the month.

Every 30 days you'll get special "sneak preview" access to chapter excerpts from all of my top selling products.

This is similar to a "try before you buy" system at Amazon that lets you preview at least one of the chapters in the product up front and it's a simple, quick and FREE, never before seen access to my top selling products.

Marketing Resource Lists:  (Gold & Silver Members)

From the minute you join as a Gold or Silver Milcer member you'll get access to an exclusive list of the marketing resources that we use in our own day to day product development and promotion so you just know this list is going to save you time and energy.

Plus, you'll be able to hook up with the best, latest and greatest resources, services and solutions that'll leave your competitors in the dust because the majority of the items on the resource list I find are ones I come across late at night, when all my competitors are sound asleep in their beds, so not only will you get access to all my "insider resources", but you'll be the first to know about new software programs as I find them, and much more...

Milcers Points & Rewards System: (Gold & Silver Members)

The Milcers "Point & Rewards" system is a new program built right into the private site that automatically tracks activities and awards points based on YOUR particpation as a member of the club.

By posting to the forums, uploading photos to the Milcers Photo gallery, leaving comments on other people's uploads, issuing ratings on monthly competitons, responding to othe Milcer members forum posts, hosting a Milcers Grind Session and other activities, you're issued reward points based on your total participation.

You can collect your reward points for as long as you want or cash 'em in for cool gifts and products.

Best of all, existing Milcer members will have already accumulated points for their participation for as they've been a member.

We've been tracking points and purchases in the background for months and months, so if you're a Gold Milcer member and you've been even remotely active in the forums or you've spent more than a few dollars on products you'll want to drop into the Private Site and check your balance right now. You may already have enough points for one or more great prizes!

Milcer Member's Photo Gallery:  (Gold & Silver Members)

The Photo Gallery is where you upload digital photos of yourself, your family, your vacation photos, your pets, pictures of your favorite coffee shop, best coffee cup, your new car, your prized garden, your tricked out computer, your nicely organized office, the latest techie gear you've got or practially ANYTHING else you want to show off

When you post your photos, other members can download them and use them, rate them and leave comments for you.

Plus, the sharing doesn't end there. Every photo you upload can instantly and easily be turned into a special "e-card" that you can send to your friends or family members. So if grandma Betty or Uncle Joe has problems opening your photo attachments just send them an e-card through the Milcers Photo Gallery system.

You pick the photo you'd like to send, add your special note, preview and submit.

In seconds your uploaded photo has been sent out as an e-card to the recipient.

Monthly Competitions:  (Gold & Silver Members)

Here's your chance to have your digital photograph, article writing and graphic design skills recognized and featured in the Milcers Private Site Competition Gallery!

Online file and photo sharing sites are wildly popular right now and it's a great way to show off your stuff, but if you're considering uploading your files there, you've got to consider a couple things:

1) Will your digital artwork, articles or photos be "borrowed" and used without your permission?

In the Milcers competition gallery you have the option of including a note with any image, article or template you upload and if you don't want anyone using your stuff, just say so! It's as simple as that.

Because your artwork is only displayed to other Milcer members you have a way to get your work recognized and get rewarded for your efforts without the risk of uploading to public galleries.

2) Will the people who leave comments in a public gallery actually abide by the "if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all" rule?

In the Milcers competition gallery everyone is awarded points for contributing to each category and the best in each category are given recognition and will be listed in the "winners" category at the end of each month.

Questions & Answers Forum:  (Gold Members Only)

The "Milcers Questions & Answers" private forum is your key to getting personal help from me.

Whether you're just starting your business and are getting your "feet wet" in Internet Marketing, or you've been in business awhile and want to start focusing on growing your business, getting personal support from me in the Milcers Forum means you're never left floundering around on your own trying to figure something out and you won't have to rely on asking the advice of complete strangers or risk getting "attacked" in an open forum somewhere.

Since the Milcers forum is open for members only and all Milcers abide by the "no complaining, no attacking, no spamming and no affiliate links" rules, you're never left second guessing a product recommendation (did he/she recommend this just because they get commissions on it?) and won't have to worry about starting some kind of "posting war" just by asking a simple question.

Just look at all the money making topics being discussed in the forum recently:

Here's a sample showing you the vast topics and the type of questions being posted to the Friday Discussion Forum:

* More Info On How To Close In A Sales Letter?
* Need more ideas for effective closes...
* Tested Words For Effective Order Forms
* How Important Is Color In A Sales Letter?
* Optin Landing Page Vs. Popups. Which is best?
* Best Way To Answer Potential Buyers Questions
* Using White Dryerase Marker Boards To Plan
* Do You Use Them and if so How?
* Best Headline & Subhead Fonts?
* Which fonts test the best?
* Which Came First... Back End Or The Front End?
* Front Ends come from Back Ends, Right?
* Guarantee To Stop Leechers
* More refunds than expected
* International Sales
* Headline Help Please
* Recommendation For Good List Broker
* Best Strategy to Purchase Mailing List?
* Opinion Of "feeder" Websites?
* Is this a good business model?
* Biggest Mistake Of The Neophyte Marketer?
* Assuming They're Already Taking Action
* Price Range for Price Split Test
* Inbound Links To Raise Ranking?

In addition to the "Questions & Answers" forum we also have the "Newsletter Bounceback Forum" where you can post your thoughts about the newsletter or any questions you have on that.

Finally, there's the "Daily Milcers Forum" where you can meet with other Milcer members in the club, the "Exercise Tips Forum" and "Healthy Living Forum" and the "Product and Promo Ideas" forum where you an exchange ideas with other members or find potential JV partners!

Your Gold Milcer membership gets you access to all SIX forums.

The "Milcers Cafe":   (Gold & Silver Members)

The Milcers Cafe is the online equivalent of your favorite coffee shop, a place you feel comfortable dropping in when you've got a few minutes to spare and is a place you look forward to checking out whenever you get the chance.

It's loaded up with interesting articles, news, stories, fun surveys, coffee facts, free product excerpts, the monthly featured Milcer photo, a recap of the latest posts in the forum and MUCH more.

These items are all automatically updated for you so practically every time you drop into the cafe, you'll have fresh new contents waiting for you. Just sit back and soak it all up while you relax, sipping a cup of your favorite coffee or tea!

Milcers "Profit Tracker"   (Gold & Silver Members)

Without pulling out last years income tax return or running around adding up a bunch of figures you've got stored here and there, can you tell me how much pure profit your business made last year?

How about last quarter? Last month? Last week? Yesterday?

If you're just getting your business up and running and aren't selling any products or services yet then the answer is probably quite simple. (If you fall into this category, don't worry because the Milcers private site is loaded with step by step how to's, resources and information you can use to get your marketing going...)

But if you've got an active product, info-product or service business (whether the majority of your sales are made online or offline) then knowing exactly how much you've made in profits is absolutely crucial. If you don't know whether you made any profits (even as early as yesterday) then you really never know if what you're doing in your marketing is working or not. And if you don't know what's working then how will you know what to repeat and what to drop?

To make sure you're making the most of the money you do have to promote your business and the visitors you get to your website, it's absolutely crucial for you to be able to track your profits.

I personally track hundreds of different "stats" in my business so at any given time I can take a look and see how much profits were made, what my expenses are, how many visitors I'm getting, how my customers are converting and so forth. Of course I'm not suggesting you track hundreds of different things in your business, but there are three absolute basic stats that any business even half serious about making money on the Internet needs to be tracking.

Your Sales, Your Refunds, Your Visitors

The problem is most software programs that do this for you also do 7000 other things and are cumbersome and difficult to figure out. Plus they're downright expensive!

On the flip side, trying to use Excel for this isn't ideal either because there's a pretty big learning curve involved in figuring out how to get the formulas and stats set up.

Some time last year, while trying to find a way to easily, quickly and inexpensively track my most absolute basic stats that I discovered there is no one perfect solution on the Internet to do this for me, so I hopped over to my email program, sent a note to my programmer and asked him to create this for me, from scratch. The result is an amazing little program that you use just by logging into the program on the Internet. No software to install, no complex formulas to figure out. Just decide whether you want to track your stats daily, weekly or monthly and plug in the data at the end of the day.

Then anytime you want to see exactly how much profit you've made, it's all there waiting for you at a glance.

Plus, with the newest "Sales Goal" feature I had added just last month, you just plugin the amount of money you want or need to make every day, week or month and the system will automatically create a graph that shows you, right to the penny, how close you are to reaching your goal that month! Once you've met your goal the graph turns red and you know that every penny you make from then on is 100% pure profit!

"Wish List" Updater:   (Gold & Silver Members)

Once you've set your goal in the Wish List tracker you'll be able to keep your eyes on the prize and see your goal right in front of you at all times. But what if you change your mind or you find something you want more?

The Wish List Goal Tracking Editor/Updater is your key to making sure your goals are always current and up to date if you change your mind or want something bigger and better.

Milcer Membership Card:   (Gold & Silver Members)

Your Milcers Private Site membership card is the key to getting access to the APM machine and I know you'll want to login and check that out on a frequent basis, so your Milcers Membership Card is conveniently located on the top left hand corner of the main login page.

Milcer's "Benefit Central": (Gold & Silver Members)

The Milcers "Benefit Central" zone is where you find a list of all the Member benefits and details on how often they are updated. From this area you can navigate to ANY other area of Milcers in just 1 click.

The benefit to navigating through this page is that you won't have to dig around in the private site if you're looking for one thing in particular and you'll always know which benefits are due to be renewed and when.

There are separate benefit pages for Silver and Gold members so no matter which level you are, you'll be able to take advantage of the 1 click access.

Milcer Grind Sessions: (Coming Soon to Silver & Gold)

Coming right down the pipe are the NEW Milcers Grind Sessions and while I can't reveal quite yet what they are, ALL existing Milcers members will get access to the Grind Session center upon completion.

Milcers "SPW" Form: (Gold & Silver Members)

What you're seeing in this screen capture is a portion of the Milcers new "SPW" form.

I can't tell you what SPW stands for right now, but I can tell you that this form is used to submit specific data and reports to us and the more you use this form the more you can use the APM machine!

All the details on what, when and how to use the SPW report form are provided in the Milcers area so as soon as you login, click on "Submit Report" to see what it's really all about.

Online "Milcodex"  (Gold & Silver Members)

Finding the right resources can be a real time hog. Here, I share resources I run across that can be real time savers for you. Getting access to the online "Milcodex" (rolodex for Milcers) is just like standing over my shoulder, flipping through my own personal list of resources, vendors and contacts.

I've got recommendations on all kinds of different marketing related tools, programs, software and resources and they're all logically categorized so they're easy to find when you need 'em.

Inside Scoop of the Month:  (Gold Get 8, Silver Get 4)

Every month you get the Inside Scoop and "step by step how to's" on one of these hot Internet Marketing and Promotion topics:

Writing Sales Copy, Automating Your Business, Setting Up Your Credit Card Processing, Creating Your Affiliate Program, Registering Domain Names and Finding Reliable Hosting.

If you're just getting your business up and running or want to grow your product, info-product or service business, these "quick reference" scoops will help you get the job done.

Here's just a sample of what some of the Inside Scoop reports look like:

Please Note: If you're a Gold member then you'll get ALL EIGHT hot topics, one per month. If you join as a Silver member then you'll get FOUR Inside Scoops in total, one every 30 days.

Cash Injection Audios: (Gold Get 30, Silver Get 15)

Every week you can kick back and relax while listening to the newest Milcers "Cash Injection Audio" booster delivered straight to your desktop speakers from inside the Milcer private site.

These weekly audios cover a wide variety of money-making, profit stimulating ideas and resources, including: How to use Standard Rates and Data, Writing Advertisements, Finding Places to Submit Your Ads, Laying Out Print Ads, Developing Products To Match Lists of Customers, Finding Ideas for List Sources and much, much more.

Every week you get access to a quick little "kit" or "checklist" you can follow and act on that week. So if you sometimes feel overwhelmed or you're starting to suffer from information overload, this is your way to get a meaty little "hit" that really helps you out. It's not general motivation audio or puffery, so don't worry about that. These are audios that give you something small you can do week by week. The audios range from 4 to 15 minutes each and you get a new one every week in the Milcers Private site.

Gold Members get a total of 30 Cash Injection Audios and Silver Members get 15 Cash Injection Audios.

Digital Access to CD Orders: (Gold Members Only)

Have you ever bought a software program online and "thought" you were going to get emailed the access code for it, only to discover the only thing you really got by email after ordering is a note that says:

"Please allow up to 72 hours for delivery of the software program by email. We are contacting the vendor that sold this to you and they will send the product soon. If you don't get it after 72 hours please contact...."

It seems to never fail anytime I urgently need a software program for a rush job on converting audio, creating viral PDF's or something like that where I'm really counting on getting the product the same day, it turns out the company processes through one of those "72 hours" systems and more often than not, I've had to wait the full 72 hours or even longer for most of that software.

I can't even tell you how frustrating that is! Not because I had to wait, but because they led me to believe I was getting instant access to a software program I really needed. Now if I see this type of processing system is being used I can judge on whether I can wait the full 72 hours or not.

Anyway, the reason I'm telling you this is that with a lot of my products, (besides Milcers, the Associate Program Handbook and the Marketing Dashboard), I deliver my products on CD and I know there are times when you really can't wait for the CD to arrive. That's why I'm giving my Gold Milcer Members the right to "Request Digital Access to CD Orders".

I know you're often in a rush and so am I, so to be fair, to make sure you're never stuck waiting for a product you really need ASAP, all you have to do is contact us after ordering, let us know you're a Gold member and let us know what product you want digital access to. As long as it's doable (not all products are eligible for this... unfortunately) we'll be in touch as soon as we can with your download link.

Some of the big items like the Action Grid, Cash Like Clockwork and the Direct Mail System aren't eligible for this, but most products are. So just head over to the support desk after ordering, let us know who you are and after confirming your Gold Member status, we'll zip the download link right out to you as soon as we can.

Priority Customer Support: (Gold Members Only)

In a recent survey I did to my list, one of the #1 complaints about most internet marketing businesses was that if a problem came up, you had to wait days and days for a response, even for something as simple as an address change request.

So one of the perks I've added for my Gold Members to receive is "priority customer support", provided in real time Monday to Friday from 7 AM PST to 4 PM PST.

In the event you have a question, need help to login to the forums, want to change your mailing address for the newsletter or audio CD of the month, you can reach us right on the spot during regular business hours.

This is faster than email, faster than live chat and faster than opening a support ticket. Once you're logged into the Private Site you'll see exactly how, when and where to reach us.

Quarterly Milcer Conference Calls: (Gold Members Only)

Every 3 months for as long as you remain a member of the Gold Milcers Club, you will receive an invitation to join me on a special Gold Members only conference call.

During this 60 to 90 minute conference call you'll discover my latest marketing strategies, grab valuable tips and tricks and get to ask your most urgent marketing questions.

As you know, I charge $1000 an hour for consulting so the value of the 4 separate conference calls ranges from $6000 to $8000 a year. That's 190 times the value of one a one month membership alone!

If you're not able to attend the conference calls OR live overseas and would be subject to long distance charges that simply aren't affordable, you'll receive an Audio recording of the conference that you can listen to anytime, anywhere.

PDF Conference Transcripts: (Gold Members Only)

If you prefer digital PDF files versus audio or teleconference calls then you'll love this....

Anywhere from 48 to 72 hours (typically) after the end of the Gold Milcer Conference Call, we zip the audio out to our favorite transcriptionist who will turn around, type up every single word spoken during the entire conference call (no matter how long it is!) then send that back to us a couple days later in a tidy, easy to read digital PDF file.

The digital PDF transcript that details every single word of the Conference will be provided to Gold Milcer members in the private site. We usually require a couple days to get the transcript back, but the wait is so worth it if you're a fan of digital PDF's.

Free Software Program Trials: (Gold & Silver Members)

As I mentioned elsewhere in this letter, my primary goal by creating the Milcers Club is to make your life and your marketing as simple as possible and that includes giving you the tips, step by step "how to's", resources and software programs you need to get ahead or get your business up and running.

So I've put together a FREE Software Trial offer for my Gold and Silver Milcer members on six different software programs I've created in the past.

The programs are all members of my "Push Button" software family and include 7 to 90 days of access to:

• The Push Button Email Software: 60 Day Trial
• The Push Button Survey Software: 30 Day Trial
• The Push Button Stats Software: 30 Day Trial
• The Push Button Letters Software: 7 Day Trial
• The Push Button Reminder Software: 90 Day Trial
• The Push Button Cash Software: 90 Day Trial
• The Push Button Ranking Tools Service: 75 Day Trial

It's free to sign up for the trials as a Milcer member and once you do, you'll get instant access to the software program.

Daily Milcers Discussion Forum: (Gold & Silver Members)

The "Daily Milcers Forum" is a standalone discussion forum reserved exclusive for you and other Milcer members to meet, network and get to know each other.

If you run into a problem and need help, in addition to the "Questions & Answers" forum, the Daily Milcers forum is the place to post. You never know which member will have the answer to your question.

Plus, anytime you post to the Daily Milcers forum, you'll earn points for participating.

Bonus Monthly Audio Transcripts: (Gold & Silver Members)

Drop in to the "This Month In Milcers" section and you'll find a fresh, new conference call transcript that covers topics like how to create products, how to promote your business, where to find prospects and customers, how to send direct mail and so forth.

The transcripts are in an easy to print "PDF" format, but you can also read them while sitting at your computer. Just 5 to 10 pages long they are short and easy to digest!

Key Resources & URL's: (Gold & Silver Members)

Similar to the "Milcodex" (which is an online collection of various marketing resources) is a whole second set of resources, exclusive to putting your business on full or semi auto-pilot.

I've included URL's and resources that I use on a daily, weekly and monthly basis and just know will benefit you over and over.

Monthly Bonus Reports: (Gold & Silver Members)

In addition to the monthly articles, newsletters and PDF's, you'll also receive monthly bonus reports. Gold and Silver members are both eligible to receive the bonus reports which cover a wide variety of topics designed to help speed up your marketing and grow your business.

Even if you're just starting out, you're just getting your feet wet, you'll benefit from these bonus reports month after month.

Product & Promo Ideas Forum (Gold & Silver Members)

If you're the kind of person who's always coming up with more new business or product ideas than you have time for then this is the place to share your ideas. The product & promo idea forum is open for all Milcer members. Whether you've got an idea to share or want to browse the "idea bank", this is the place to be.

Remember, as with the other forums, you get points for participating so if you just thought up a killer idea but don't have time to develop it, why not post it for someone who does?

Health and Lifestyle Section (Gold & Silver Members)

If you're sick, you can't make money. It's as simple as that. So it's in your best interest to take care of your health, exercise, eat right and stay fit.

Unfortunately, in today's fast paced world it's getting harder and harder to focus on these four things, so that's why we came up with the "Health & Lifestyle" section in Milcers.

In the health and lifestyle section you'll find weekly fitness and exercise tips, healthy recipes (that actually taste good!) and top rated books on health, fitness and cooking.

Milcers Coffee Club (Gold & Silver Members)

Since the official drink of Milcers is COFFEE, what would the Milcers Private Site do without the Milcers Coffee Club?

Just wait until you see what instantly addictive mouth watering "goodies" are waiting for you in the Milcers Coffee Club!

Featured Milcer Member Photo (Gold & Silver Members)

It's time to take out that digital camera you got for Christmas or your last birthday, dust it off and start snapping some pictures because this is YOUR chance show off your digital photo skills in exchange for participation points and the chance to have YOUR digital photo featured in the Milcers Cafe for a full 30 days!

Healthy Tips Forum (Gold & Silver Members)

Another of the Milcer Private Membership site forums is the "Healthy Tips Forum" where you and other members share ideas, tips and tricks for healthy living.

Income Stream Resources (Gold & Silver Members)

Each month in MILCERS, I’ll give you articles and resources to help you create your own income streams. I call these income streams to reflect the ongoing, continual, non-stop nature of the income, once the entire system has been put into place.

In MILCERS, we don’t just talk about the Internet. That is myopic.  We talk about all marketing channels including inbound and outbound telemarketing, sales people, Internet, direct mail, VAR's, voice broadcast– and so forth.

And in the Income Stream section of the Private Site you'll find resources, how to's, ideas, tips and tricks that you can use.

Whether you're creating your first income stream or your 10th, this is information you will benefit from month after month.

Sales Copy Resource Section (Gold & Silver Members)

Just wait until you see the tips, tricks, checklists, sample headlines and sales copy templates waiting for you in the Sales Copy Section of the Milcers Private Site!

I guarantee you've never seen anything like this before.

Bonus Video Tutorials: (Gold & Silver Members)

If the thought of setting up your first blog, or an autoresponder, ad tracking, shopping cart or affiliate tracking makes your head spin, you'll absolutely LOVE what you see in the Bonus Video section of the Milcers Private Site!

Every month, in addition to the Marketing Training Video, you'll also receive a MINIMUM of ONE bonus "how to" video that takes you by the hand and walks you, step by step, through some of the more difficult tasks.

For example, right now we've got a video on setting up a basic blog, but next month we'll go in-depth on this topic as you see, right in front of your eyes, how to edit your blog template, set up your profile, get your blog submitted to blog engines, add Google Ad Sense to your pages as an additional stream of revenue and much, much more.

Marlons Vacation Pix: (Gold & Silver Members)

Several months ago I travelled to Australia and after speaking at the World Internet Summit, I set aside six full days of travel time during which I took a lot of interesting and beautiful digital pictures that I'll be sharing with you in my Vacation Pix photo album, tucked neatly inside the Milcers Private Site.

In addition to my travels through Australia, you can join me on my trips to Amsterdam, Hong Kong, Thailand and other exotic places.

(Oh, and there's a great shot of me and Larry King in my photo album that you've absolutely got to see!)

The Milcers Store: (Gold & Silver Members)

Use your monthly discount coupon to save up to hundreds of dollars when shopping in the Milcers Store.

With a new featured product and "quick link" access to all products you'll get 1 click access to every product I've got available.

Survey Resource Center: (Gold & Silver Members)

Time and time again, one of the biggest problems I hear people facing who are just starting out with the development of their new product is that they're having a problem finding out what people want to buy.

That's why I've created the Milcers Survey Resource center. With tips, tricks, survey templates and sample surveys you'll be able to knock your first survey out in no time flat!

Milcers Survey Forum: (Gold & Silver Members)

Once you've used the tips, templates and the free survey software trial built into your Milcers account you'll need people to take your survey and there's no one better to ask than your fellow Milcer members, so I've added the new "Milcers Survey Forum" to the mix.

All members who responds to your survey will get automatic participation points and you'll get the survey answers you need, so it's a win-win situation!

Now that you've seen how the tools, videos, articles, templates, conferences and resources in the Private Site can help you "get the gators out of your pond" and get you headed down the right road to building a thriving and successful business, let's talk about how the Milcers Private Membership Site works.

The Milcers Private Membership Site has 2 different levels, Silver and Gold, which means it's affordable for practically everyone to join!

To get started just select which level you'd like then fill out the "no risk", 100% secure acceptance form.

Last Chance to Sign Up!

Join the Milcers Private Site BEFORE this offer expires and in addition to everything you've read about on this page, you'll also receive:

BONUS ONE: A series of FOUR "Gospel of Marketing" Tele-Conference Calls (Each call is 1 hour in length)

BONUS TWO: A series of FOUR "Gospel of Marketing" Tele-Conference Audio Recordings. (Approx 4 hours of audio recordings)

BONUS THREE: A series of FOUR "Gospel of Marketing" Tele-Conference Transcriptions in PDF format. (Approx. 100 pages total)

The 4 hours of tele-conference calls, audio recordings AND PDF transcripts are easily worth 100 times what you're paying for just one month of access to the Milcers Private Site.

Plus you'll receive the 4 hours of audio recordings AND the 100 pages of transcripts in PDF format which makes the decision to get on board a virtual no brainer!

Joining the Milcers Private Membership Club
Is 100% Risk Free -- Guaranteed!

How to get instant access
to the Gold or Silver Private Membership Site:

1) Choose whether you'd like to be a Gold or Silver Member.
2) Click the appropriate order link below then fill out the secure acceptance form.
3) After completing your payment make sure you click the CONTINUE button.
4) On the next page, enter your secret username and password, then login!


Joining the Gold Milcers Private Site
is 100% "Risk Free"
-- Guaranteed

To join as a Gold Member, get your hands on the SPECIAL BONUS PACKAGE (ONLY AVAILABLE FOR A FEW MORE HOURS!) and all the benefits that you've just read about in this letter including the monthly audio CD, printed newsletter, marketing training videos, discussion forum access, special reports, Inside Scoops, audio boosters, coupons, special discounts, HTML templates, 4 yearly conference calls, access to the exclusive Questions and Answers forum and everything else, just click the link below and fill out the SECURE, NO RISK ACCEPTANCE FORM.

You can get INSTANT ACCESS to all the tools and resources waiting for you in the Gold Milcers Private Site. Just complete the secure, no risk acceptance form and you're in!

The Gold membership is yours for only $42.00 a month. Of course if you're not completely thrilled, delighted and satisfied with everything you receive as a Gold member you can easily cancel at anytime by posting a support ticket with my staff.


As soon as your order is processed you'll get INSTANT ACCESS to the Gold or Silver Milcers Private Membership site right on the spot.

Just click the CONTINUE button after paying and enter your secret login when prompted. You'll be whisked into your members area right away and you'll be able to start using, enjoying and benefiting from all 52 Member Benefits on the spot!


Joining the Silver Milcers Private Site
is 100% "Risk Free"
-- Guaranteed

To join as a Silver Milcer Member, get your hands on the SPECIAL BONUS PACKAGE (ONLY AVAILABLE FOR A FEW MORE HOURS!) and all the Silver benefits that you've just read about in this letter including the monthly printed newsletter, marketing training videos, special reports, points, rewards and referral system, inside scoops, audio boosters, coupons, special discounts, discussion forums, articles and more, just click the link below and fill out the SECURE, NO RISK ACCEPTANCE FORM.

You can benefit from a Silver Membership for just $19.95. a month.

The Silver membership is yours for only $19.95 a month. Of course if you're not completely thrilled, delighted and satisfied with everything you receive as a Silver member you can easily cancel at anytime by posting a support ticket with my staff.


Ordering is 100% safe and secure and although all orders are processed through PayPal, you do NOT need a PayPal account in order to join the Milcers Club.

Payment is accepted by Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover or by Electronic Check. (If paying by Electronic Check, access will not be activated until the check clears which can take up to 5 business days.)

If you have any questions about the Milcers Private Membership Club or need help ordering just click here to access our Customer Support options. We're here to help you EVERY business day from 7:00 AM PST to 4:00 PM PST, Monday to Friday and offer real time assistance via Live Chat, or after hours help through our Support Desk!

Best Wishes,
Marlon Sanders

CEO - Higher Response Marketing, Inc.